Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to smoking crack. Should he resign?

Asked by: theman123
  • Yes, Rob ford should resign

    Rob Ford is a liar. For months, the Mayor of Toronto tried to deny and evade, but ever since Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair revealed that police were in possession of that supposedly non-existent video of an inebriated Mr. Ford with a crack pipe, the Mayor has been caught in a bind. So on Tuesday, Mr. Ford tried to change the channel from Perry Mason to Oprah. He admitted to smoking crack – while insisting that he’d never, ever said that he hadn’t smoked crack. And then, pretty much in the same breath, he asked the city to forgive him. Hey, I lied. Can we all just get over it already? “Yes, I’ve made mistakes,” the Mayor said. “All I can do now is apologize and move on.” He did not mean “move on” in the sense of stepping down. He meant that Toronto should get over his problems – because in the blink of an eye between admission and self-awarded forgiveness, he has.

  • Anyone holding public office should obey and uphold all laws.

    Mayor Rob Ford should be a law abiding citizen, as should anyone who holds a government position. Elected officials should be held to the highest standards in many aspects of life. One of these is to be a law-abiding citizen. For a government official to have such blatant disregard for the legal system makes a mockery out of the entire system.

  • Absolutely. Anyone else would be fired.

    Politicians are people just like the rest of us. If an average civilian was busted, or even admitted to, smoking crack they would be arrested. They would have to face jail time. So why treat politicians like they are better than the rest of us. He should resign and face his punishment. Even busted celebrities spend some jail time if busted with illegal substances.

  • I would get fired.

    If I smoked crack, I would get fired. Politicians do not deserve any more leniency than myself. In fact, they should be held to a higher standard as they direct the public and are in the public eye. It's a lot of responsibility, but you don't sign up for it if you can't handle it.

  • Resign if you know what's good for you

    This man has lost his bloody mind. He should resign now. His excuse for smoking crack is that he was really drunk. A city as big as Toronto should not have a crack head for a mayor, all the city's anti drug programs will be undermined if he is heading them. Resign Rob Ford. Resign now.

  • Bad Example For The People

    How does a mayor expect people to listen to him, if he cant follow a the law himself. His actions prove that he is a bad role model and not fit as a mayor. Drugs are a big issue, and they have consequences. He should expect to pay them, I think he is unfit for mayor, no matter the good he has done

  • Drug Use Is Unacceptable!

    We're not talking about a teen who is experimenting with pot (which is bad enough). We're talking about a grown man in elected office. He has admitted to smoking Crack in a "drunken stupor". Now, he may have thought that adding the latter would somehow excuse the former. But, in reality, he has admitted that he drinks way too much as well as usage of illegal drugs. That just isn't acceptable. His lack of discretion also suggests that his thinking process is altered (probably from the drugs & booze).

  • Way long overdue

    This guy simply seems incapable of keeping himself together is the main issue, most politicians have moments where something goes wrong and there's a degree of scandal, but Ford just seems incapable of stepping away from this problem. I live right nearby Toronto (in Brantford about an hour and a half south) and I can almost expect like clockwork for something every few weeks to a month to pop up in the news pointing up some completely avoidable action he's decided to engage in and for him to have lied or lie in order to minimize or avoid damage. His DUI arrest with pot, his obtaining public funds for a diet competition and getting caught cheating, his being photographed flipping other drivers the middle finger from his car, his being photographed reading while driving down the highway, his being caught smoking "something" out of a crack pipe, his freaking out at 911 dispatchers because he was scared of Mary Walsh trying to interview him as a gag. It just goes on and on and on, while one of these would be one thing he just continually puts his foot in his mouth and messes up while lying and misdirecting as much as possible to avoid being accountable for it.

  • He should have resigned a LONG time ago.

    Rob Ford doesn't carry himself the way a leader of a city (or of anything for that matter) should. It's one thing to smoke crack. Another thing to smoke crack on video. And another thing to LIE about it once you've been accused of it KNOWING that there is a video that will prove your guilt. He's not fit to be a mayor of any city. I think he needs to find a new career.

  • Canada holds high standards for corruption and political competence; especially from its largest city.

    Though ideologically I am closest to him, I recognize that what he has does is unacceptable and that it would be best for him to step down. This is to protect whatever integrity he has left, his family, those who voted for him, and those politicians on his side of the spectrum.

  • So very many people smoke crack.

    Crack cocaine is one of the most popular illegal drugs there is. Studies have estimated that over 16 percent of Americans admit to trying crack every year. If sixteen percent of all people got fired from their jobs because they messed around with illegal drugs, the world would face an economic crash like nothing we'd ever seen. Crack use is widespread, weed use is widespread. It's time for people to merely judge him based on how good a mayor he's been, not some stupid thing he did at a party.

  • Should not resign

    Rob Ford is not perfect, so what if he smoked crack, big whoop. If people really payed attention, they would know how many politicians smoke crack, weed, pedophiles ETC. Smoking crack did not affect him in a bad way, YOU did the protesters. Also he was honest, Honesty is the best play, therefore Rob Ford should NOT resign.

  • Retirement is not harsh enough

    The guy is using illegal drugs in all likelihood. At the very least his conduct is not worthy of a mayor of a major city. Isn't there something about this in the job description? Should he even be given the option to retire? He should immediately be investigated and eventually be arrested if proven guilty. Like a normal person would be. Why do the rich and powerful get the easy way out? I don't fully support the war on drugs, but this is a matter of principle. If regular people are fired for doing drugs and jailed, the mayor should be too. Why are we even considering giving him the option to simply retire?

  • What did we really elect him for?

    Why did Torontonians elect him? You may think that this question is part of your typical anti-Ford rant, but I am honestly wondering. Did we elect him because he is a non-crack smoker? Did we elect him because he never gets drunk? Did we elect him because he never uses profanities? The answer to these questions is most likely no. Most Torontonians that voted for him did so because he promised to freeze (and potentially lower) taxes, balance the budget, and improve transit.

    1. Tax increases have slowed for all sectors, while the majority of taxes have been frozen.
    2. The budget has not been exceeded since he took office in 2010.
    3. He has already gotten 660 million from Government of Canada, and 1.48 billion from Government of Ontario, with promises of investments from private investors to improve transit (LRT line or Subway) to Scarborough.

    It's true. He has experimented with crack cocaine. He's also the only one who has admitted to it. He has been seen on numerous occasions drunk. I doubt other politicians are completely sober. He has used profanity. Who hasn't?

    In the end, it doesn't matter what the "ideal mayor" should be.

    It's obvious that Torontonians (or at least the majority) didn't want a quiet, angelic mayor.

    We wanted someone that can improve our city. Has he not done what we asked?

  • The voters of toronto need to learn their lesson

    When Rob Ford was first running for Mayor his bad habits were up then, as well. The conservatives who voted for him claim that his character, values and morals are more important than his actual ability as Mayor. I say, you reap what you sow! You conservatives voted for this man for no other reason than he is also conservative. They did not base their decision upon any reasonable facts, their belief in him was superstitious in nature, and they should be made to suffer for another year with the reminder of what they have done. Conservatives are incapable of learning the easy way, maybe the hard way will work.

  • He has done a lot of good things to the city of Toronto

    Taxes is decreased. Although he as done somethings that is bad but nobody is perfect. We are all humans so we make mistakes. He has gone for treatments in rehab. So i think he has changed because he said it and he was very sorry for all what he as done.. So he should not resign.

  • He is still an amazing Mayor despite smoking crack

    There are many politicians that have experimented with drugs (do we even know if he inhaled?). He has also had many positive accomplishments. He secured additional funding for subways, he has also worked well balancing the budget without raising taxes. In addition he promised to "end the gravy train". Over 40% of voters still support him, which is better than most of our government officials who can not avoid a shut down.

  • He is dying his job I don't care what he does in his personal life

    First of all I'm tired of the media twisting this guy into a monster when we have had worse mayors prior to Ford who did worse things without the "crack". Secondly I've seen crack heads and ford is certainly not one. You are an idiot if you think he is because you obviously don't know anything about drug users. Thirdly, I could careless what the guy does in his personal life I mean if ask these politicians started exposing their dirty laundry the world would be in chaos right now. Lastly, stop using the media to form opinions do your own research no one is a perfect angel in politics, rob ford is the average citizen of our city this isn't a political pageant people stop buying into these fake people telling you what you want to hear.

  • So what? At least he is honest

    I dont think that he should resign. It is Canada for heavens sakes, and it is Toronto whats more. We should not let one little mistake destroy all that he has done for the city. Personally, his the good he has done for Toronto outweighs the bad. For once the Toronto Maple Leafs are actually a good team this year.
    Mayor Rob Ford should run for re-election.

    Go Canucks.

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