Tort reform in the United States: Should the US government further limit tort litigation and damages?

  • Yes it should be further limited.

    The United States government should further limit tort litigation and damages.There is already enough stupid and frivolous lawsuits in the judicial system. It is constantly straining the tax payers, cost a lot of extra money and is wasting time. With more limits on it, it will help streamline the judicial system.

  • Our Society Has Become Overly Litigious Reform of the Tort System Would Cube Nusense Suits.

    We regularly here of frivolous law suits that waste the courts time and tax moneys. A reform of the tort system would go a long way toward reducing the amount of these types of suits and free the courts to carry out more important business. It would also free the legal system from having to hold trials in these types of cases.

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