Torture: Can torture be justified as an added form of punishment?

  • Torture justified in limited circumstances

    In countries where torture is a form of punishment crime is significantly less than the US... Look at Saudi Arabia. The staunchest of punishment States don’t have issues of theft & murder like the US. The only problem with the concept of torture is torturing someone who did not do the crime... So let’s look at mass shooters, serial killers, serial rapist, repeat violent criminals. If you start chopping off limbs you think that wouldn’t send a message? The death penalty is not a deterrent but living a life limbless and a branding as a criminal for all of society to see would cast these individuals to either to suicide or away from society and let their families deal with them. Jail is now a spa where you can workout get a free education and job training which is fine for petty criminals but Not violent ones.

  • I support torture

    Maybe I'm just vindictive. But if you hurt me or my loved ones, I want punishment. A jail sentence isn't enough. Just like I support the death penalty for murderers.
    Completely off topic, but I also support the idea of castrating male rapists and pedophiles. They do this in many parts of the world, more probably as a preventative measure to reduce testosterone levels and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

  • Yes, unfortunately torture may be justified

    Yes, in certain very rare circumstances torture as both a means of information retrieval and punishment is permissible. These include heinous crimes commuted by an individual, and in the case of threat of bodily harm to people. For instance, if you have a terrorist who's told you a bomb is going to go off, and there's nothing you to do to stop it. Is it not in the best interest of all involved to due whatever is necessary to secure the information and at the same time, let punishments fit the crime!

  • No torture goes too far

    Torture is never justified as an added form of punishment. While justice should make the person pay for their crime there is a line we should not cross. We have the option of putting someone in prison for life or in some cases to death . Today the death penalty is carried out humanely to avoid torture.

  • It can never be justified

    Torture can never be justified, and the idea that a prisoner should be punished for their actions rather than simply kept from society so they cannot commit any more crimes is a ridiculous immature response, but this is an immature society we live in, where we still cheer the deaths of criminals, human beings, despite it all.

  • Torture cannot be justified as an added form of punishment.

    Obviously, punishments should not be pleasant, but it would be wrong to introduce torture into legal punishments. Torture is a form on coercion used to extract information from prisoners or as an extreme form of punishment. The United States has outlawed cruel and unusual punishments and they should not allow torture of any form.

  • Torture is not punishment it is a way to attain information

    No. I believe that torture is not punishment, it is mere and avenue of approach to gain needed information. Once that information is attain the torture or persuasion should be halted. Punishments are dealt for actions that are executed that are wrong. Hurting some physically is not right, but if lives are at stakes torture should be used sparingly.

  • Torture can not be justified as an added form of punishment.

    Torture can not be justified as an added form of punishment. Torture should only be used as a last resort when we are trying to save the lives of other people in a time sensitive situation. We should not be torturing someone just for the punishment of the individuals ever.

  • A Humane Culture

    While I do believe that criminals that commit heinous crimes seem to get a better deal than the victims of their crimes, I am not a supporter in the execution of torture. I do believe that we are a humane society, and above this. I would hope that the thought of life in prison or possibility of execution would be good enough.

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