Torture: Does the widespread use of torture internationally make it less bad for the West to perform it?

  • Yes torture is cool

    It is one those task that makes a man, a soldier, out of a boy
    Subjecting the POWs in a war to torture

    There are masculine benefits
    Sexual benefits
    He tries to be cruel to an enemy
    He is given a taste of what a hell it is to be a prisoner of war, himself, and will therefore know to avoid that

  • Yes, Torture is a Sad Necessity

    Yes, it is unfortunate but necessary that the West use torture to protect its own security. Individuals who are subject to torture have had to perform some threatening act against a state. Therefore, the people who are tortured are not innocent. It would be an unfair advantage to other countries if the West did not use torture but other nations did. It is not ideal, but if it ultimately protects innocent lives it is tolerable.

  • Will it keep others from the practice?

    I don’t believe torture is something anyone should do. Just because I/we believe something does it make it right or wrong?. Should we? I’m torn between the possible advantages vs disadvantages. I have to say that it must work or it wouldn't still be in practice. Our enemies already look at our country as weak because we never back up our rhetoric. Is it always best to do what is right vs what is needed?.

  • The widespread use of torture internationally does not make it less bad for the West to perform it.

    Torture is unacceptable in any form no matter who is doing it. The fact that many countries torture prisoners does not make it more acceptable for the West to do it. The West should ban all forms of torture as barbaric. This is what makes us better than the terrorists.

  • No, what other countries do shouldn't impact us.

    As the saying goes, "If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" Just because other countries are engaged in torture, it doesn't mean that it's okay for the United States to practice it. Other countries look up to the United States, and also sometimes they look down on us. What we do is noticed internationally, and we need to keep that in mind when dealing with terrorists, abiding by international law and realizing that what we do will be observed by others.

  • No it does not make it worse.

    As the West claims that they are more advance and civilized then other countries, the use of torture in the states should still be completely banned as it harms a fellow human being. One country should not claim to better then others then fallow the same practice, it should be a role model in how to act.

  • The widespread use of torture internationally does not make it less bad for the West to perform it.

    The widespread use of torture internationally does not make it less bad for the West to perform it. Torture should not be used period no matter where you are located. Torture should only be used in time sensitive and extreme measures in order to save lives of innocent people when something bad is about to happen.

  • Torture Is Bad

    I believe torture is cruel and unusual punishment. I also believe it is best for America not to use torture. I do not think we should compare ourselves to what other countries do, if anything we should hold ourselves up to higher standards. Just because another country does it, does not make it okay.

  • We're supposed to be better

    When people say "the West" should be able to do the same things other societies do, it is truly depressing. The Western world is supposed to stand up for human rights and basic dignity, and just because other societies do not cherish these does not mean we should stoop down to their level.

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