Torture: Might torture be justified in the famous ticking time-bomb scenario?

  • Yes, it would be utilitarian.

    Of course torture on the whole is immoral and wrong and sometimes serves no purpose as it garners the wrong information because it has been coerced. However, to save a lot of people from death and injury, it might be all right to utilize torture in limited degrees to find out the information.

  • Ticking Time Bomb is an illustration of Trolley Problems.

    Trolley problems are from philosophy, and they go like this, would you run over a man/woman in the middle of a train track if it would mean that you would save the lives of those on the train? Trolley problems are meant to illustrate not necesarilly the idea of what is moral, but more what the person in charge chooses based on bias.

  • Anything can be justified.

    I believe that almost any action can be justified if the circumstances are manipulated in order to make it seem like the ideal choice. I would torture someone if it meant saving the entire planet, does it mean I believe in torture? That is a good question and one that is hard to answer.

  • Torture might be justified in the famous ticking time-bomb scenario.

    Torture might be justified in the famous ticking time-bomb scenario. Anything that can prevent a disaster from happening should be looked upon as an option. I am against any form of torture but if it leads to saving innocent life then anything should be done at that point to stop the attack on the innocence.

  • Torture isn't an ideal method to obtain information, but might work as a last resort.

    Torture is not always a reliable method of obtaining information. People trained to resist interrogations can give false or misleading information when being tortured. Less trained people might tell you anything you want to hear, regardless of truth. However, if you really, really need to extract information in a situation where lives are at risk and time is running out, you might as well give it a shot. I'd rather make one person very uncomfortably for an hour or two than have 20 people blown up in a coffee shop. I don't like torture, but I'd never rule it out as an absolute last resort.

  • Torture should never be an option.

    No matter what the scenario is, there is never a right time for torture to be used against another individual. Historical international treaties forbid it. People over the world recognize it as being something not worth doing. Humans should always treat each other with dignity and respect, even if we think they're the enemy.

  • No to Bombing

    Torture is not an option in the famous time-bomb scenario . Most often the phrase is used semantically to mean that an urgent event is about to occur. The ticking time-bomb does not happen in reality. The ticking time-bomb could be the economy or as simple as a biological clock.

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