Torture: Moderate forms of torture - Is it acceptable to allow more moderate forms of torture?

  • I believe that Torture should be used when required

    Some prisoners, you need only threaten to get their secrets, others require harsher methods of persuasion. You should always use "enough" to cure your prisoner + 10% to make sure they have been thoroughly broken. The object of torture is to break the prisoner by attacking her/his sexuality. This has been tried and tested in many wars!

  • It is acceptable to allow some moderate forms of torture.

    It is acceptable to allow some moderate forms of torture. Some times, people will not divulge important information that would really make a difference in times of national crisis. You have to extract this information from them by using some means that may not usually permitted, like torture, but you have to use it to save your country.

  • Depends I guess

    I think it really depends on what you mean by moderate forms. Normally, information that has been given to captors under the duress of torture is not information that is factual. I think that the best way to get information from someone is to get through to them on a personal level.

  • Yes, we get intelligence.

    Yes, it is acceptable to allow more moderate forms of torture, because torture is a good way of getting intelligence from other countries. Warfare is not a game. There is more to be gained by using torture than by avoiding it. Although it might be uncomfortable for those subjected to it, they are enemies of the American people.

  • No, it's not.

    I don't think that in the United States of America that it is ever acceptable to use any forms of torture. We are supposed to be better than to use such crude and cruel practices. Torture doesn't always get the results that the torturer is after anyway. I don't consider torture to a be a viable option when it comes to extracting information from someone.

  • It is not acceptable to allow more moderate forms of torture.

    It is not acceptable to allow more moderate forms of torture. Torture should never be allowed unless it would help decrease the numbers of casualities in a crisis situation. If there was a bomb somewhere and the only person that knew the location would not talk then torture could be used to locate and save lives. Torture used just for punishment is not okay.

  • No, torture for any reason demonstrates a lack of humanity.

    No, torture dehumanizes both the recipient of the abuse and the abusers themselves. As the world moves towards a global standard of morality, torture is expressly forbidden in civilized countries. The United Nations charter itself calls for the abolition of any type of torture. By committing such atrocities, these acts create justifiable reasons for other countries to punish or sanction those nations that practice torture.

  • Any form of harming another person should be illegal.

    Right is right and wrong has always been wrong and that should not matter from person to person. If a person is in jail or prison, it is ok to confine the person if they harm another person, but to beat them just because it is Monday is not right. America is a great country because we do not have slavery anymore. In some other countries torture is ok. For example, if you steal something and get caught, you lose your hand. In America, if you steal something you get to be put in jail and not see your family for a while, but you will still have your hand to support your family.

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