Torture: Should torture be used to save innocent lives?

  • As a last resort, torture should be inacted

    Yes, I think that torture should be used as a last resort to save innocent lives. The life of one is sometimes sacrificed for the lives of many. If a person is holding information that will benefit the greater good, then the information should be extracted by any means necessary.

  • Let them burn.

    Torturing one or two people is a very small price to pay to save lives. Especially since the people that we are torturing are not going to exactly be "good" guys. I feel that extreme torture techniques should be used to break prisoners and to get valuable intel so that we can prevent any and all loss of innocent life.

  • They asked for it.

    If anyone has decided that they want to hurt or kill innocent people, they have asked for it. If we have someone who knows of a terrorist plot to kill civilians and we dont get that information out of them innocents will die because we were too nice to a terrorist, how is that possibly right?

  • Torture should be the last resort

    Depending on the situation, torture should be the last alternative to get information out of somebody, if peoples lives depend on it. If someone has information on a bomb that would kill thousands of people, then torture would be acceptable to save those people. If you are just wanting to have general knowledge the torture is not acceptable.

  • Torture should be used to save innocent lives.

    If torture can be used to save innocent lives, it could be ethical. If the person being tortured is a terrorist and knows information that could be used to save innocent people, this person has brought the torture upon himself. A government will go to extremes in order to ensure its national security.

  • Well that is assumptuous.

    This hypothesis is automatically assuming that the accused is even guilty. Where is the liberty in that assessment? While it might be sacrificial to safety, torture is an unnecessary measure of gathering (potentially even falsified) information. More often than not it is am act of spite and dominance; is the information is never conveyed, so be it. American liberty states a right to remain silence, and no matter how horrid a person may be, for liberty to extend to -all- equal men, even the most atrocious are granted these rights.

  • No torture is crossing a line

    Torture should not be used to save innocent lives. You are being inhumane against another individual who may or may not tell you anything anyway. I am for the death penalty as a form of punishment but do not believe that torture is ever an acceptable means to an end.

  • We Said We Wouldn't

    I do not believe we should use torture and I do not believe there are many cases where torture has saved innocent lives. Torture is something that the United States agreed not to use, along with many other nations. I think we should keep those conventions and obtain information in a more humane manner.

  • No to Torture

    Torture should not ever be used for war efforts to get information from prisoners. The use of torture is a barbaric move that is not conducive of a civilized society even in wartime. There are other strategies of war that can be used instead of torture regardless of the purposes.

  • No Way in Hell.

    If you are a terrorist then you are hurting people to get them to speak and to comply with your wishes. If you are torturing someone, your goal is to inspire fear in that person so that you can get information from them and have them to react in a manner that gives you what you want. Those are basically the same thing. Is a chance of getting possibly unneeded knowledge worth it to stoop to their level? We are killing and maiming people both physically and mentally. The effect this has on your psyche is not worth the possible information that they may or may not have. The lasting effects on your mental health can lead to serious problems and a mentality of using people as a means to an end. People can lie, in fact the human brain is conditioned to lie. The people who you are torturing will want to lie to you about what information they do or do not have, they don't want you finding out what's going on and you can end up not getting information from those that you have captured and tortured needlessly. Even if they do have information what if they're innocent and simply want to protect a family member that ended up mixed up in all of this. You can torture them for the information but will the blood of an innocent person on your hands be worth the possibly insignificant knowledge you gain?

  • Just cause "torture" you know.

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