Torturing: Is it right to torture our enemies for info?

Asked by: andyjfraser
  • Nah its all good

    I don't understand being against torture. When you consider the potential benefits from the tortures performed outweighs any consequence. Remember people, torture is not murder. It can do so much good to find out what someone is withholding. And chances are if they're being tortured, they probably did something to warrant it.

  • Torture works wonders.

    Torture is a valuable weapon for any nation whose security is threatened, furthermore, it works. No less an authority than Sen. John McCain, admitted that when he was tortured, he eventually broke, and gave up what information he had. Torture is evil, no doubt, but a far lesser evil than the fall of a free nation.

  • Terrorist may commit war crimes.

    During war, there are no guarantees that both side will follow any rules set by a party. War has no rules, and is not a controllable affair. What terrorists often do to soldiers or what soldiers may do to terrorists (conversely) more often than not, is less humane than what occurs during affairs of torture in the U.S.

  • Absolutely not in any circumstance.

    Even if you ignore the fact that it is against the Geneva Convention and our own legal guarantees against cruel and unusual punishments, it is utterly immoral and inhumane.
    There is also the little fact that torture produces highly unreliable evidence. Studies show that the tortured will do or say just about anything to get the torture to stop, including utter lies and things they have no knowledge of. This wastes valuable time chasing down completely invalid leads.

  • No it is not

    It's against the Geneva Convention which we are bound to for POWs. If I was captured, I would not want to be tortured. It violates basic human rights. Given that how we treat our prisoners of war defines who we are as a country I would expect no democracy to want to be associated with torturing its prisoners!

  • Basic human rights

    The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equally. It does not follow the law that this country was built on. Not to mention that it is unmoral and unethically to inflict pain of suffering on someone that MIGHT have information, you never know if it reliable or not.

  • No way in hell

    Torture is a very evil thing that we should never allow to happen. It is not a very reliable source either as someone will give false information that they don't have and is also a very deadly thing to submit someone to. We should under no circumstances allow torture. I will always vote no.

  • Not at all

    Torturing has been used long in the past but definitely is not a way to get information from someone. It is something immoral/evil and should not be allowed to be done by and to anyone. Torturing will also be so unfair on the lives of those innocent people being accused of something.

  • It's morally counterproductive

    For one thing, it's pragmatically counterproductive. People lie or fabricate what they don't know under torturous conditions. More importantly . . . What makes a bad guy anyway? He causes suffering. I'm not into the libertarian absolutist non-aggression principle, but I would like to believe we fight people specifically because they're the ones who torture and kill.

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