Total CEO dies in Moscow plane crash: Will the death of Total CEO affect Novatek?

  • Moscow plane crash cause the death of Total CEO of Novatek.

    I think total CEO dies in Moscow plane crash will affect Novatek.becauce they knows everything about the company with the if the company have to hire the new CEO then there will be require alot of time to give them idea about Company. they too have difficult to make the future plan for the company as well.

  • The CEO isn't that important.

    The CEO I understand is important, there are other people who work for this company though.
    NOVATEK is a large company they will be okay without their CEO. They might be mourning for a few days but I believe it will take no effect of the company, they will continue on with doing their work.

  • No I don't beleive the death of Total CEO will affect Novatek.

    While the death of anything or anyone can be very devastating, great things can be born from it. Even though Total's CEO has passed, I don't think this will affect Novatek as a company. I know the CEO knew what he was doing and everyone will still cherish everything he's done although this is giving the opportunity for someone else to step in his shoes and try and take on the role as good as he did.

  • No, the death of Total CEO will not affect Novatek

    No, I do not believe the death of Total CEO will affect Novatek. CEO's come and go all the time in today's generation, and this one is not different. As this was a death and not some scandal that is causing a change in leadership, I do not believe it will have a large impact at all.

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