Total lunar eclipses: Did you see the Blood Moon Eclipse?

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  • I Didn't Catch It

    I did not see the Blood Moon Eclipse. Although I enjoy astronomy, I was dissuaded from catching a look at the Blood Moon because it simply reminded me of the sun in some sunsets. The sun during sunset on some days looks like a dim orange and can actually be looked at with the naked eye.

  • No, it happened late at night.

    I heard that this eclipse was coming because I have a lot of friends who are intrigued by astronomy and set their alarm clocks in order to get up in the middle of the night or in the early morning. I am not that dedicated and so passed up this opportunity because there will be others.

  • No, I Didn't

    I did not stay up to see the lunar eclipse, but my son is interested in it, so we'll be staying up the next time it happens. I have looked at the various pictures on the Internet and find it very interesting. It makes you wonder how people reacted to it back when the Earth was flat.

  • I Was Not Able To See The Lunar Eclipse

    I know that the blood moon was visible the other day but I was not able to catch a glimpse of the happening. I do know that many people believe that something bad is going to happen when this phenomenon happens but I tend to disagree with the standpoint and choose to believe good things will happen.

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