• It's hard to say

    But I prefer the country cause of the openness and I love to travel to get things. It's fun. Mind you I love big cities too. But after a while you can't help but feel crowded. I lived in New York (loved every year of my life there, but it's time for the openness).
    It's lovely in Florida. I love the poetic nature of poetry towards your woman. The history of Florida makes me feel like I'm in a Shakespeare play. And lovely Isabella is gonna come and give me dance :)
    You can't get that in a big crowded city.

  • I forgot to mention, (yes) for towns, (No) for cities.

    Personally I prefer towns in the countryside. With cleaner air, more relaxed people and stunning views old English towns won me over a while ago.
    There are obviously downsides, such as lack of jobs (unless you want to be a farmer...) and remoteness from superstores. But for you people, what's better?

  • The town is better

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  • Towns for the win

    For me, big crowded areas are just too busy, and due to this, it is likely for danger or crimes to occur. This also leads to traffic and the amount of both people and buildings can effect the income in which there aren't as many independent houses, but a lot of small apartments However, when your life is set in a town or a small city, the population density is lower, the rate of dangerous crimes are also reduced, traffic is decreased and much more space is provided for recreational purposes and better constructed buidings. However, I think people shouldn't live in places too lonely, it really gives people a benefit to have some company around, just not too much.

  • Towns all the way

    Many people living in small communities not only benefit from lower pollution (as the result of less cars) but less traffic as well. Towns are true communities in the sense that many of the politicians get to know you personally, build up connections and can "hear" your concerns better.

    Many people who live in towns benefit from much less crime, street gangs, drugs etc... Towns are often much more peaceful than cities. Many times in cities you face the problems of overcrowding, lack of resources, overused systems, and many more people fighting for what you want.

    Tows are especially good in areas susceptible to extreme weather in the United States. Where a mass-exodus often leads to mass-chaos and allot of violence (remember hurricane Katrina?). Where towns that evacuated did so in a much less chaotic fashion and were far less susceptible to mass-looting and rioting,

  • Towns personally are better.

    In the city, yes, you are closer to everything but what really sucks is the air pollution and the crime rates. Crime is a lot worse in the cities. Who wants their kids to grow up with gangsters, robberies, and rapings? No one. Air pollution is another doozy. The cleanliness of the air and the overall cleanliness of the city is just downright behind that of the countryside. Yes you have you ocasional here and there polution, but living in the countryside is more ideal.

  • It`s cosy and less pollution (unless it is a big town?!?)

    I live in a small town close to Norwich and I find it very cosy. Some people may say in small towns, there are no public facilities. Maybe it is true, but a small trip to N4 miles away is not far. I am very sporty so getting out is not a problem for me. Nor my friends. Also there is less pollution for people to breathe in. Even though there is a small space in the town, there is always a countryside near. Much better than to breathe in fresh fields than pollution

  • I like the city...

    The city is nice because people give you nice things, this one guy gave me a balloon with a point at the end filled with white icing. That was the nicest thing anyone has done for me. Yesterday I was in a small town when someone told me I was dumb for eating the gum off of the guard rails at the park. That was so rude. Big cities are better because the people are nicer and help you out a lot.

  • It depends. People born in the city tend to prefer small towns and vice versa.

    BUT I personally feel that small towns harbor too much closed-mindedness. Having grown up in a small town, I've come to the conclusion that people simply do not get out enough. They are unaware of the ongoings of the outside world, and therefore become judgmental when it comes to people who don't fit in with their limited perception of what is "normal" and familiar. This has just been my experience. But on a more objective level, the implication "wide-open outdoors" and "fresh air" being the superior option is a highly annoying cliche to me. The stunning skyline and opportunity of the city can be very impressive too, and I wish the mainstream would promote both viewpoints instead of one.

  • As far as living in town or city is concerned it defer from people to people.

    Everything consists of goodness and badness. People cacnot evaluate something only by its benifit or only by its harmfulness.

    However, I still believe in town is the best for living compare to city. I have two strong reason for this.
    (1) - The atmosphere is peaseful, less polluted compare to city, there are no crowed area.
    (2) - Because of hectic life people have not much time to meet or care for loved one in the city, although in the town people are co-operate they are always ready to help other with smile on the face. They have heart of gold.

  • I'm going with city

    I live in Chicago and it's great here, of course the media said it has a high murder rate but I live in a safe neighborhood that is normal which will probably sound fake to close minded people. Anyway, I prefer the big city because I like the beautiful skylines, skyscrapers, parks, businesses, etc etc. If you like nature, animals, and fresh air, you got forest preserves in your side. However, avoid high crime neighborhoods and broken down neighborhoods.

  • Cities are better. They're more interesting with more going on.

    They're more interesting with more going on.. More privacy too. There's more places to eat, more stores and museums. Not everyone knows each other so you have more privacy and there's more people so it's safer. Towns are great but cities are more.... Fun. Towns can be bland and boring.

  • You guys don't know the meaning of city

    Meaning equals a word which is a city in a word which is a metropolis. I am so smart you guys don't know what a city even means. I invented the word city. So city is my favorite place to be, city is a city to me. You have to eat sandwiches in order to live not in a city. In a city you can eat peanut butter sandwiches nothing else, only that. Sandwiches in the city deserve special treatment, give your bread a back rub and your peanut butter a sensual licking next time your in the city.

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Both are good.