Toxic liquor kills 32 in Pakistan: Should Pakistan legalize the sale of alcohol.

  • It should but it will never happen.

    The majority of the people in Pakistan are hardcore Muslim and like most religious people they suffer from an extreme case of cognitive dissonance. Pakistan knows a section of its population consumes alcohol regularly but it will not legalize it for fear of the religious leaders. So, the government instead of doing what's best for its citizens is just going to condone illegal alcohol manufacture and consumption.

  • Yes, Pakistan should legalize the sale of alcohol.

    Yes, Pakistan should legalize the sale of alcohol. The recent deaths of at least 32 people due to the consumption of toxic alcohol proves that the decision on whether to ingest alcohol should be left up to the individual, and that safety measures should be enforced by the government so that nothing like this happens again.

  • Pakistan should legalize alcohol

    Even though Pakistan is a Muslim country, and Islam prohibits consumption of alcohol, Pakistan should legalize alcohol. Legalization of alcohol would not force any devout Muslim to consume it, but it would allow for regulation, which would in turn help prevent the consumption of tainted products. In the long run this could save lives.

  • No, i disagree.

    No. they should not. I strongly disagree with this. Pakistan should not legalize the sale of alcohol. This is because of the results of toxic liquor killing 32 people in Pakistan. Legalizing alcohol will cause more harm than this and this means that it will result to more deaths too.

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