Toyota recalls 1.75 million vehicles: are car manufacturers skimping on safety and testing?

  • Yes, manufacturers are skimping on safety and testing.

    With so many automobiles being recalled on so many different occasions over the last decade or so, it's impossible not to conclude that car manufacturers simply aren't taking safety and testing seriously enough. Given how dangerous a malfunctioning automobile can potentially be, car manufacturers ought to approach this problem with the utmost caution. Clearly, though, they're not.

  • Car manufacturers are pathetic

    Car manufacturers are pathetic these days. They are either purposely ignoring the problems in the manufacturing process or just aren't mentally capable of making a safe car. They shouldn't be in business with so many mistakes made. Let's just all go back to back riding and get rid of autos.

  • Yes, car manufacturers skimp on safety and testing.

    Yes, car manufacturers skimp on safety and testing. It is all about the bottom line and if skimping can save some money, they will do it. Car companies have a staff of lawyers to handle lawsuits that result from skimping, so it really does not cost them much even if there is a lawsuit. Profit is king with car companies.

  • Vehicles are safer than ever

    I truly believe vehicles are safer than ever. They last longer and have less serious defects. However as vehicles become more complicated, they have more minor errors. Rather than risk law suits and bad publicity, manufacturers recall and fix the vehicles. This is a good practice which makes cars even safer.

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