Toyota's 850-horsepower Camry: Should everyday car manufacturers be making high-performance cars?

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  • Toyota is Staying in the Game

    The real question should be, why not? Car manufactures are designed to make cars, whether high-performance or substantive cars for the masses. In fact, it is likely that car manufacturers who make high-performance vehicles will have a better reputation industry-wide as it shows they are willing to be creative going forward. Of course, the cars must be a succes for that to happen!

  • Yes, everyday car manufacturers should be making high-performance cars.

    Yes, everyday car manufacturers should be making high-performance cars. There are lots of different types of buyers in the marketplace, and each manufacturer should be attempting to provide a product to cover as many of these demographics as possible. With each new demographic a company can provide a service to, the higher the chance a company can survive through hardships.

  • No, everyday car manufacturers should not be making high-performance cars.

    For the vast majority of the world's population, the only kind of car they would consider buying is your average, run-of-the-mill consumer model, if indeed they are in a position economically to buy a car at all. Anything else is a luxury few people can afford. Given this, consumer car manufacturers like Toyota should focus on making quality, affordable automobiles, rather than high-performance cars.

  • Keep Everyday Cars Safe First

    Everyday car models should be firstly safe and secondly family and ecology oriented. High-performance cars must stay expensive and less affordable. Thus less people would not be able to drive high-fuel-consumption with higher emissions cars. Bigger horsepower cars are also more dangerous and a preposition for accidents in the cities and on the highways. In a nutshell less high-performance cars will help keep us and the planet safe and less polluted.

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