Toys in Happy Meals: Should McDonalds be allowed to put toys in happy meals?

  • Its the food

    It is the food that makes the person fat not the toy! The parents have full control over whether the kid is allowed to buy that meal or not because it thier money! FAst foods also give a healthier alternitave fo sides such as in mcdonalds they ask if you want to change the side to appels and the beverage to milk

  • Yes. Happy Meals should make a child happy!

    Yes. I cannot imagine a Happy Meal without the essential McDonalds toy enclosed. As far back as I can remember, McDonalds has placed an appropriate toy in their Happy Meals. This should be allowed to remain a staple to their Happy Meal. It is the parent's choice as to whether or not they want to allow their children to play with the toy.

  • No, They Should Avoid Advertising To Children

    No, McDonalds should not include toys with happy meals. This is a form of advertisement to children, as they will soon learn that with any order of a happy meal comes a 'free' toy. However, as they are unable to make their own decisions or purchases, they will look to their guardians to buy the happy meal for them. It also confirms that McDonalds is the type of food one must eat in order to be or feel 'happy', and that encourages an unhealthy diet.

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