Traditional culture is better than modern culture

  • Traditional BETTER THAN modern.

    Those that do not understand or never experienced traditional will say modern. Traditions inspire people, It creates passion, Love, Respect in society. Tradition is strong, Its members consider each other brothers and sisters, Its leaders are forever remembered in the hearts of the people and the pages of humanity. If you don't believe me, Simple look towards traditional cultures in the world and the arts they created that will last an eternity. Tell me what modern society has created such arts and passions?

  • Traditional is better

    Modern culture is all about feminism empowerment and virtue signalling. Western Civilization is on decline because we cater the mentally ill instead of following tradition (To people who said that because of Christianity we can't advance civilization, Please tell me how does encouraging sexual degeneracy improves civilization). People here who support LGBT are the ones that contribute to the declination of the country, When the LGBT community starts to endorse pedophilia, Then that's the end of Western Civilization. When homosexuality is being accepted in modern culture, Birth rates will be on decline, And when population is on decline, Liberals will demand open borders and welcome refugees to replace the current population, Thus eliminate the whole population.

  • Modern is better

    It's simple. Today, We have much more tolerance and acceptability than older times. Individuality is supported. Being different is not a curse.
    An easy way to check this is simply looking at the conditions of women, Coloured people, And people of the LGBT community, 200 years ago, And now.
    Also, People now prefer education to illiteracy. We are advancing as a society towards being more acceptable, Educated and socially mannered.

  • I know that this topic is nice.

    I know modern culture is better because on some traditinal weddings, the bride dresses indescently so in my oppinion i say modern culture is better and also on traditinal ceremonies women still dress indescently they wear a very very short grass skirt which is indescent while modern people wear descently

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