Tragic prayer vigil killed 38 people and injured 17: Are Muslims a threat to the world?

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  • You can't judge 1.5billion people based on what some do

    That's prejudice and judgmental. Not all is the worlds 1.5billon Muslims are terrorists just like not all 40 million African Americas are criminals and not all 14 million Jews are evil bankers. It's very cruel and ignorant to think that. Most Muslims are very kind and don't support Terrorism. And what about Christian terrorism? It's more common in America than muslim terrorism is?

  • Not all Muslims are terrorists!!!!

    Putting the middle east with terrorism is wrong. What if everyone that isn't American associates us with the west borough church. I mean honestly we can be just as bad and even worse than isis or al queda at times. We all have people who are extremists but don't judge a religion or area just because of a few people.

  • No, a certain religious group is not the sole threat to the world.

    The report "tragic prayer vigil killed 38 people and injured 17: Are Muslims a threat to the world," does not mean the entire Islamic religious group is to blame for all the suffering in the world. I believe all it takes is one person, such as Osama bin Laden, to establish a negative perception of a religious group. Generalizations are constantly made of the Islamic people based on the hostile and violent actions a set group of members initiate. The main threats of our world are misunderstanding, violence, and lack of compassion for others. We are constantly working against each other instead of with each other. If we spent more time focusing on our similarities opposed to our differences, then it would significantly better the world and future generations.

  • That is unfair

    I am not Muslim, but I think that it is completely unfair to put all Muslims into a dangerous category. That is simply not true. I think any extremely radical religious person is dangerous. We hear about people doing things all the time because God told them to or whatever, and they aren't always Muslim.

  • No, Muslims should not be seen as a threat to society.

    We shouldn't judge the actions of a few terrible people as the entire face of a religion or ethnic group of people. If you look back to WW2 it was white Europeans committing atrocities, and we didn't judge them differently based on appearance or origin. We can't be doing the same outdated judgements to these people.

  • No they are not

    There are extremists in every branch of religion out there. The average Muslim is no more, and probably less, harmful than the average Christian. The average Muslim is not a terrorist and is not a threat to the world in any way. It is easy to forget that most Muslims are just average people.

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AnonyFeline says2014-08-23T21:48:24.603
ANY extremist radical dogmas are a threat to the world.