Trailers for the movie Wolverine are out. Will this be as god as the original movie?

  • Yes, modern remakes of movies and comics are keeping their charm.

    While I'm not really a big movie fanatic, I do occasionally watch some of the latest hit movies with friends. I believe that as long as the new movie doesn't stray away from it's roots, it will be fine. Even if the story isn't as good, modern day video effects will surely impress even the old-time fans. It's always nice to see a classic piece of art recreated from the ground up using the latest technological equipment.

  • With stars such as Patrick Stewart the latest Wolverine movie should be great.

    Judging from the trailers for the movie Wolverine, this version should be just as good as the original. This is partly because of the way that it has been written as a movie complete in itself, rather than being set up as the precursor for a series of sequels, but also because of the excellent cast, including Patrick Stewart.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The fact that they have Johnny Cash's "Hurt" as the music tells you everything you need to know about how this is going to be a different kind of superhero movie. Would be pretty cool if Prof. Xavier is just a figment of his imagination (or embedded in it). Considering all the other mutants are gone

  • Without a doubt NO

    Wolverine should have had his movie MUCH earlier on in the x-men days, if at all.

    His first solo movie didn't even work for one VERY OBVIOUS AND SIMPLE FACT. Wolverine never ages... But Hugh Jackman does, noticeably... This is in itself a major problem and basic dealbreaker...
    You absolutely cannot compromise a main character trait for the sake of anything. If you're gonna make him old, why not take his claws too? Really stupid poorly planned and executed cash grabs.

  • Nothing is as good as the original

    Simply based on the trailers, it seems the original had a lot more going on that was movie worthy. So what the government is creating newborn killing machines, this seems to be a sting at child soldiers in Uganda. Plus, in the year 2024, nobody cares about the wolverine too bad.

  • No, this will not be as good as the original movie.

    No, this will not be as good as the original movie because sequels rarely are. Typically, movies try to keep the exact same formula, but everyone has already seen that particular formulas. Therefore, it's difficult for a sequel to be better than the original. Hopefully Wolverine will still be a good film.

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