Trannies should not be treated as what they are being masqueraded as

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • Trannies bring a whole new meaning to poser

    Trannies are in no way the sex they are faking and should not be treated as their fake sex identity. Only intersex people should be considered an exception to this rule because they were born that way and couldn't help it. A FTM tranny is not a female but a male. A MTF tranny is not a male but a female.

  • This isn't a matter of "identity"; this is science

    This is all quite simple genetics. XY chromosomes create a male. XX chromosomes create a female. No matter how much you mutilate yourself, you cannot change your chromosomes. Chopping off your organs doesn't change your genetic identity and it's time that the media starts recognizing this. In my opinion, Transgender is synonymous with poser.

  • It is a costume!

    If I wore a police officer uniform, does that mean I am a police officer or should be treated as one? If I wore a pope costume, should I be treated as the pope? If it was Halloween or some other event that a costume was appropriate, it may be good for a laugh but when people dress like that in normal life, they deserve to be treated as the freak they are.

  • To a certain extent.

    Trannies don't deserve to be beat up, or treated like crap because of their decision to become transgender. But in a since, anybody that tries to be someone they're not has to deal with circumstances. Transgender male and female, know what this world is about and know exactly the kind of problems there getting themselves into when they decide to become transgender. Life isnt fair, and we all know this. But when you make decisions that change you as whole, expect people to comment and treat you differently. We cant control peoples opinion on transgenders. Thats something that comes with the decision they made. Deal with it,

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