Trans fat ban: Is a ban consistent with consumer choice?

  • There's still plenty of consumer choice left

    No one's consumer choice is hurt when a product is taken off the market because it's unhealthy. We can't get Cyclamates (an artificial sweetener) because it's unhealthy -- consumer choice hasn't been affected by that decision, which happened nearly 50 years ago. We can't get some medicines now because they're unhealthy. Freedom simply doesn't mean unlimited choice, and the world will not end if something other than trans fats is in your Doritos.

  • No Ban Supports Choice

    A ban on trans fats restricts consumer choice. First of all, individuals should be allowed to make their own health choices and decide for themselves what they choose to ingest. Second of all, banning trans fats harms consumers because it causes producers of food with trans fats to choose higher-priced alternatives.

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