Trans fat ban: Is trans fat ban like banning alcohol/tobacco?

  • And it won't work for the same reasons.

    I believe a basic premise of being an American is that Adults should be allowed to live their lives as they wish as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. Banning anything is usually ineffective and costly. Just look at prohibition. It not only allowed criminals to become powerful and rich it also diluted peoples respect for laws. You can't legislate morality. Banning anything is usually a wasted effort. It's much better to create more rigorous labeling laws and allowing people to live as they wish. Just look what a failure the "war on drugs has been. Our jails are overcrowded with pot smokers and people continue to use pot. Yet in Portugal where they decriminalized most drugs and used the money wasted on enforcement efforts for clinics and education programs, drug usage is down.

  • Transfat ban is not like a ban on alcohol/tobacco

    Unlike purchases of alcohol and/or tobacco, customers do not always realize when they are purchasing products containing trans fat. This is especially true when dining out as most restaurants do not have nutritional information readily available. The most recent research is continuing to show the health risks associated with trans fats. Food manufacturers will most likely not discontinue their use unless they are required to by law.

  • No, banning trans-fat is not like banning alcohol or tobacco.

    Alcohol and Tobacco are choices people make. Trans-fat on the other hand is added to many products without the consumers knowledge. It has no benefits aside from being easier for the company to implement and pawn off on consumers. There is absolutely no downfall to banning the use of this in products.

    It's being lobbied as an "affront" to the consumer that this is being banned. The only people that lose out are CEOs and multinational corps trying to make a quick buck continuing to use a product that makes their clientele unhealthy and sick.

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