• Reverse Sex Change

    I have recently read many articles on the identity issue. To this day there is a lot of media coverage for this controversy. Now every single conversation humans have will always have it's pro's and con's. The transgender movement has only tried to convince many people in so many ways that eventually they no longer find the answer. Now the con's of becoming a transgender or an attack helicopter is not being talked about which must be. There was a recent short documentary of MEN who thought they were born in the wrong body and this is how someone is only joining the transgender bandwagon or they are serious. The men in the documentary went through a sex change which two men luckily had a reverse sex change and a third man no longer was able to reverse his sex change. The third man was giving his point of view on this matter and highly warned that thinking yourself as a transgender is dangerous and the person should seek help. The men who were lucky to become male from female also give their opinion stating that young people who are starting to think they are transgender should be helped and prevent them from going as far as having a sex change. Now in conclusion, Yes transgender identity is a mental illness which does lead to suicide

  • Its Biologic but not something to be shunned.

    Sure, Being trans is a mental illness because of dysphoria. But If this makes you feel that you are any better then them you are wrong because, 1. The things they've had to do are very stressful and hard especially because people who are like this, 2. There exactly the same as you other then the fact they had a hardship you didn't have to deal with. Other then anyone that falls under non-binary, My prayers are for you, You will always be mis-gendered and most likely will never be comfortable in your body, But I hope you guys are happy

  • Being any part of trans is gender dysphoria

    Gender dysphoria, Also known as gender identity disorder, Formal diagnosis given by mental health professionals to people who experience distress because of a significant in-congruence between the gender with which they personally identify and the gender with which they were born. This including transsexuals and transgenders in the Gender dysphoria category

  • Like seriously Wtf?

    Really? Just, Really? It's like saying being gay is a mental illness. Do we really need to go back tp the 60's? Learn to live with the fact that we're in a world of self discovery and identification. It's the moddern era. Either get with the times or be left behind.

  • There is a difference between being gender dysphoric and being gender maniacal

    It is dreadful for almost any parent to have your college attending son/daughter come home the opposite gender simply because of terrific, Extreme ideas that are spurted out of the mere, Vulnerable and exploited claim that 'identity and gender are social choices and psychological structurations'. Transtrending is not the same as developmental gender dysphoria (true transgenders). Being a true trans is when from early childhood, You do not feel socially as your biological sex's given social mentalities. There are tomboy girls, But most people, Who are not trans, Have a solid understanding that they are born their sex and even though they may sometimes dress or 'play along' differently they still identify as their sex because they know it biologically so.

    On the other hand, Transtrending is extremely socioculturally and psychologically dangerous for the children we raise today as they will never be able to cope with other more traditional outlooks on human life or accept that they were born biologically their own sex because of petty political fun they have been absorbing on the internet and at new school programs based on the idea of obliterating the tradition of our assigned gender. This is how I see it, A political dehumanization of our classic identity and nature. As women can't be 'women' and men can't be 'men' then who are we left as? They have discovered fireworks to amuse themselves with and transition as quickly. They are rarely born a true trans.

    Politics are horrible.

  • It's not somebody's fault if they feel they were born in a different body

    That's like saying being gay is unnatural its the same argument first of people need to mind their own business second if somebody says that they are a gender who is to say they're wrong. It's not their fault if their not born in the right body and does my body make me my gender.

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