• Yes it is

    Because animal jam you learn fun things you get to bond with people and go to fun worlds join parties and more. Also you get to create your own home and its fun and tfm you can get scammed a lot. Thats why animal jam is better
    Thank you for your opinion

  • I choose transformice

    I choose Transformice.
    Reason 1: It's hard to get scammed.
    Reason two: membership isn't an issue.
    Reason three: multiple game modes. Especially module.
    Reason 4: FREE FREE CHAT!!! (ironic, isn't it.)
    reason 5: the community isn't as obsessed with clothes or relics as animal jam is.
    Reason 7: even if you do end up buying strawberries (yes, they are strawberries, fraises is strawberry translated to french) they give you plenty
    reason 8: even if you do get scammed, CC are really easy to get.
    Reason 9: you can add friends and be in tribes. Also, you can get married
    reason 10: the items are really cool, and if they look expensive, a couple days on transformice should give you around 200-2,000 cheese, depending on how long you play for and how good the shamans are.
    Reason 11: speaking of cheese, it is RIDICULOUSLY EASY to stockpile cheese.
    Now here are some cons about transformice
    Con 1: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T GO IN CAFE! Thats where all the salties, racists, sexists, sexuals, insults, trolls, you name it go and hang out. (p.S. Animal jam players get hated on cafe)
    Con 2: The community (unlike animal jam's more family friendly community) will more times than not call someone a noob.
    Con 3. The chat filter doesn't automatically suspend/ban you like animal jams. The mods have to manually ban you.
    Con 4: Transformice has a lot of illegal private servers. Basically its an illegal copy of transformice that usually gives you lots of FREE CHEESE AND STRAWBERRIES! The most popular one so far is miceforce. Unlike Animal jam, which has so much money that any private server would be taken down without keeping a low profile, and that means having little to no players.

    So yeah. The pros weigh out the cons, so that's why i vote transformice

    Imo transformice is a game for kids who grew out of animal jam. Animal jam is ages 5-10 while tfm is 13+

  • I choose aj

    I understand tfm maybe good in scamming and membership and ect.
    But you can have kids that are innocent angels going to this play where people can cuss and do sexual crap that nobody fines appealing, plus it really doesn't even belong with it, you can be be bullied, and nothing is there but a report button. Yeah, they maybe banned but people take their lives to stupid things like that. I got ganged up on because i liked fnaf,in their words it's stupid, and bah blah blah.. Cussing may be sensored but till, it's obvious what they said, now, animal jam will warn you, if u do it several times your banned, and they do it straight away, not waiting and you mayhave to pay for stuff but you can still enjoy roleplaying, but there are some downsides that would make this post so long nobody would give a hay, so im done


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