Transgender Issues: Do you think transgender people should be allowed to use whichever gender separated facility they wish?

  • Yes transgender people should be allowed to use the gender specific facility they wish?

    Transgenders are just people trying to use a bathroom. They should be allowed to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identification. By forcing transgendered people to use a particular bathrooms we encourage act of violence against them, since they are at a particularly high risk of sexual assault, rape, and hate crimes.

  • It does NOT affect you.

    Bathrooms have stalls for a reason; you can't tell who is using them, so why would you discriminate? Everyone has a bladder, so everyone has an equal right to use a public restroom. You should be able to use whatever restroom you identify with, because it doesn't make a difference to anyone else. By forcing people to use the bathroom that is for the sex they were born with, you are practically forcing a grown ass man into a women's restroom and vice versa. Would you feel comfortable with that? No, so shut up and tough it up.

  • It's too complicated to judge.

    Having never been a transgender person, I don't know how it feels. I would imagine that it's very hard in many respects. Not having lived through it personally, I don't think I can tell a transgender person what they should be comfortable doing. Most transgender people do not mean to bother anyone and just want to go about their daily life.

  • What and were is your brain!

    Okay first off, Ms. Whoever you are, (I can't tell whether you are a he or a she because i can't see your name so I'm just going to go with she, because you are being a pussy) Rape? Seriously? I think they are pretty safe from rape, personally i have never lusted after a Tomboy, that was fed a bunch of lies about their identity. Secondly, the hate crimes you are talking about are actually called hate speech and hate speech is a figment of your imagination.

    Next let’s all give a round of applause to that guy at the top who actually made a good point.

    Okay so this is very simple, if you give someone the right to invade the privacy of others, simply based on how they identify, you have to give everyone that power. Those laws and precedence are in place for a reason... And you are asking why we shouldn't get rid of them? People like you should not even have the right to use the internet! Let alone feel they are intelligent enough to join a debate website!

  • We should not accommodate students based on how they feel.

    There should not be accommodations for how people feel. The transgender way of thinking is all based upon how someone feels regarding their gender. This way of thinking is ridiculous. Think of an apple claiming it is a banana and with it's whole heart the apple believes it is in fact a banana. It might even be taller than the other apples or have the same yellow color as a banana but will never be sold in a store as a banana. Now I am not relating this to selling people in any way. All I am saying is that it is ridiculous to make accommodations for a person simply on the fact that they feel a certain way. I am 18 years old but let's say that I feel like a 65 year old man. Can I apply for Medicare? No. In the same way that we can look at my birth certificate or look at my bone age through testing to determine my date of birth, we can look at a persons genetic makeup or gender at birth and determine whether or not a person is a man or a woman. Even Caitlyn Jenner with all of his surgery is genetically a man even though Caitlyn may have female parts. Also think of the things that could happen as a result. A male pedophile could follow a little girl into the ladies bathroom and claim he is transgender. So no transgenders cannot use any bathroom they wish. Use the one that lines up with your gender, not your opinion.

  • Transgender people should not be allowed to use whichever gender separated facility they wish

    Transgender people should not be allowed to use whichever gender separated facility they wish. You either have Mail plumbing or female plumbing. Whichever you have a, that's the restroom you should be using. All the focus seems to be on the feelings of transgender people. What about the feelings and comfort level of everybody else that has to share restrooms with transgender's? It makes no sense to me why 99% of the population has to cater to one percent.

  • No, there should remain a separation

    Freedom of expression is part of the American way; however, propriety and equality should dictate transgender-only restroom facilities. Allowing transgender people to use whichever facility they prefer will unfortunately lead to disreputable, non-trans people lying to abuse the system and potentially lead to more sexual assault cases due to reduced security. If a heterosexual man claims to be transgender for the purpose of getting into a women's bathroom (or a woman doing the same for men's bathrooms), it can lead to many problems. There should be separate facilities tailored specifically for the transgender community.

  • You are who you are.

    In my opinion, if you have a dick, go to the men's. If you have a vagina, go into the women's bathroom. Just because you 'feel' womanly that day, and don't have a vagina, you shouldn't be able to go into the woman's bathroom. I don't see a need to at all.

  • No, Never ever

    A guy could just be transgender just so he can go to the woman's bathroom and film them. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. They should use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender they were born with. Fuck transgenders. Living cancer of the earth I hope they die like scum they are

  • No they shouldn't

    Transgenders should not be able to pick and choose what bathroom they feel like. I identify as a magic cabbage don't I deserve my own bathroom, no I don't because im a normal human being and i'm not trying to be some special snowflake. Transgenders should use the bathroom they have to use the gender they were assigned at birth

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