Transgender woman attacked with hatchet at park: Has the election of Donald Trump made this country a more dangerous place for minorities?

  • The election of Donald Trump has made the US a more dangerous place for minorities

    From day one Donald Trump’ fueled his campaign for President with racism and bigotry. He called Mexican immigrants “rapists” as a part of his effort to justify building a wall at the Mexico border. He wanted a federal judge overseeing the Trump University lawsuit to be disqualified because of his Mexican heritage.

    Next he proposed banning Muslims, an entire religious group, from entering the United States. He's the country a very dangerous place for minorities to live & work.

  • America has always been Dangerous.

    America hasn't always been heaven. It's been a hellish nightmare for years. Donald Trump has not made it better (yet) or worse. It's the people of America that make it worse or better. And right now they are making it worse. Instead of causing riots and killing people who have their own beliefs, they should just leave the country altogether. Being a transgender, gay or lesbian is not normal, though. In the Animal Kingdom, the only time an animal will try to mate with another animal of the same gender is when there are no other animals of the opposite gender around to mate with. So their animal instincts take over and they try to mate with the same gendered animal anyways. For us humans, there are plenty of opposite genders around to "mate" with. I believe that for the LGBT community, it is their own fault America is dangerous for them because they are not normal; they have mental issues.

    America is a safe haven compared to other countries like Iraq or Syria. It's the people living here that's protesting, killing people, that are making this country a dangerous place. So if you feel threatened here in America then please, leave, and let the rest of us feel happy and safe. It is not my fault you have darker skin or have mental illnesses to where you mate with people of the same gender. But it is your fault for staying and making our country more and more dangerous while blaming it on Donald Trump; someone who hasn't even did anything.

  • No. Trump's election has not changed the level of danger for minorities.

    I feel that our country seems to be becoming a more dangerous place to live all around whether you happen to be a minority or not. It is unsettling and unfortunate to say the least. I do not, however, feel the election of Donald Trump has had an influence on the escalated danger at all. If anything, I am looking to him to help the situation.

  • Its just made the media look harder for stories

    If this has happened a year ago, you wouldn't have heard a peep about it. But now because it happened recently, it's Donald Trump's fault? Nonsense. The media is just looking for stories that make the president-elect look bad, because he made them look bad for the last year. And they'll be able to find such stories, because they are ALWAYS happening. But now the media narrative has changed, so expect more reports of this type of violence.

  • Trump supporters don't hate minorities.

    It is Clinton supporters that have painted the caricature of Trump supporters as hating minorities. To the contrary, Trump supporters only want laws enforced. They only want to see legal immigrants come to this country. They know that our economy cannot support the illegal immigrants that have come in. They do not dislike minorities.

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