Transgenders should use the bathroom that complies to their genitalia.

  • Yes, If not then non-trans will abuse the bathroom

    If we start allowing trans people to use the wrong bathroom then people will obviously start abusing this and i'm almost certain a lot more creeper action will take place even worse more sexual assault or rape charges and this may not take place but the risk for me is unforgivable so that's why i believe the way i do

  • Yes, designed that way

    Male bathrooms were designed for people who have male genitalia. Whether they wear a dress or not, it's completely irrelevant . While, an averaged IQ person can use both bathrooms, they should use sex-based bathrooms, purely for hygiene . A woman will always have to sit in the bathroom. All of them do. T-girls can be standing up. And that can cause a hygiene issue in the lady's room. And for a transgender boy, imagine everyone takes a piss while standing up. It's all messy and stuff, have you ever been in the male's WC? No person in their right mind would want to sit in those bathrooms.

  • Yes! Respect your genitalia!

    Look, you don't see people that respect their biological gender go ahead and use whatever bathroom that they "identify" for. It is an opening for pedophiles and perverts to be able to easily find vulnerable targets that they can then assault and rape. These behaviors of choosing your bathroom are dangerous and must be stopped.

  • Pee pee wee wee

    Many woman have penises, it is like 50%-50% chance that you will have one too. So pee pee where you want. Ufi do aiu fai uofd uap udap fdua fdu apufd a fau fdoia fdoi aufd poa ufdpoia ufdoau fdpoau fduoia ufdpoia fdpoia fdofosai ufsap fuad pfua dpo ufap ufdoa fdua pfda

  • Gender is not your genitals.

    There really is no excuse for this type of thing. Gender segregation as a whole is not a good thing whatsoever, simply due to the fact that these are just people who are different from how they were born. Should people born into Christian families be forced to attend Christian churches, even if they're Buddhist? Should people born into racist families be forced to have those beliefs? No, they do not. Gender occurs at random, and sometimes it doesn't match. Birth does not define gender.

  • It is what makes the person most comfortable

    Using the bathroom that complies with your gender identity is what makes you the most comfortable and that shouldn't be an issue. It may seem like its just a bathroom to people but to trans people it is so much more than that. It is a validation of their gender and a matter of comfort and safety since many trans girls would not be very safe in a man's bathroom

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