Transhumanism: Is transhumanism a legitimate philosophy for the future of human development?

  • All But Inevitable

    The future of humanity, if we are to survive as a species, is transhumanism. Humans and computers will merge. Strong artificial intelligence will be developed. Backing up our mind states will be how humanity achieves immortality. Humans will, at some point in time, achieve the singularity. For any of this to occur, we need to be thinking of it today as a goal. Not only is it a legitimate philosophy, it is our most likely way of achieving immortality as a species.

  • Yes, transhumanism a legitimate philosophy for the future of human development.

    Transhumanism is the only logical step forward for the current day human; while evolution to some degree will take place naturally over the course of an unknowable period of time, transhumanism opens the door to integrating our modern breakthroughs with our naturally astounding capabilities as residents of the planet Earth. Our ability to attach new limbs, improve our senses (or fix them), among other possibilities, is incredible; the fact that this isn't seen as the next step in our evolution is a conundrum.

  • Your body your choice

    Instead of putting the control in the hands of elites transhumanism let's people decide for themselves how to transform their bodies with new technologies. This will help to lead to more innovation and creativity in human development. This is a very good thing. Transhumanism is the philosophy for the future.

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