Transitioning is not a valid cure for trans people. It is a mental illness and treatment should focus on the psychological aspects instead.

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  • Transgenderism is a mental illness and treatment should focus on psychological aspects of the disease.

    Genital mutilation is not a valid cure for a psychological disorder. We should instead treat the psychological symptoms in order to curb the behaviors associated with feelings of gender dysphoria. The suicide rate even after transitioning is far too high to consider surgery to be a valid treatment. These people are mentally unwell, And mutilating their genitals is not going to help them.

  • Trans people don't need to be cured.

    Multiple studies have demonstrated that the main factor causing suicidal ideation in transgender individuals is social and/or familial rejection. One such report stated that 57% of transgender youth without supportive parents attempted suicide within the last year, While only 4% who did have supported parents attempted suicide.
    Another study found that the mental distress in trans people is more likely caused by social rejection and threat of violence than by gender dysphoria itself.
    Taking this into account, Of course transitioning wouldn't reduce suicide rates completely. The social aspect is vital; acceptance and support go a long, Long way. Medical transition helps many transgender people to lead fuller, Happier lives, But it's a fallacy to think of "transgenderism" as a disease to be cured rather than an identity. If you want to help trans people survive, Start by trying to understand them.

  • Enough of this

    Our lives and the medical conditions we seek treatment for is not up for debate. Enough of this, It is ridiculous that we're still debating this despite the advances in medical technology and science. This isn't 1999. Please take this down already.

    Need I say more? 4 more words apparently.

  • No this is wrong

    The first part is right because the second part is wrong. Transitioning is not a cure for anything because there is no medical problem. Nevertheless, Trans people have many problems. They are caused by hateful scum who mock, Bully, Assail, Rape, Torture, And/or murder others because of their own sexual hangups. Trans people are very beautiful as a class, And not at all ill, Though people who can't see even them as regular humans are themselves a cancer. Cut it out.

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