• Yes, the media needs to be dismantled.

    They're clearly brainwashing people. Giving people false information and feeding it to them over and over on a systematic basis is pretty much brainwashing.
    This can influence the masses which influences politics. That means whoever pours more money into their biased media really can influence a lot. Be it news or cartoons.

    This type of threat to our constitution could make people vote away their freedoms and be totally okay with destroying the constitution and this country!

  • Traitors to be hung, dead, dead, dead.

    All those who intend to inform the public of "news", be it commercial or private, must be registered with an ethics committee. Those who publish "Opinion" need not apply to registry. "Opinion" articles are to be free from inspection, however articles tagged under "news", will be reviewed for political or corporate bias. Those tagged under "news", that are to be found guilty of misinformation, will be fined, no more than 3 times before being removed from the registry. Those who continue to post misinformation under the title, "news", after said third violation will be tried for treason and if found guilty by a mass judiciary panel, will be hung, dead, dead, dead. Left for all to see in a public forum for no less than 6 Days.

  • The media is essential for knowlege

    Even if the media is as bad as many people think it is, the fact is that, without the media, it would be almost impossible to get any information, the media including the media outlets, social media, the internet, radio, etc. A voter who may be swayed by biased media is better off than a voter who does not know anything. Plus, even though most of the media has a liberal bias, the 2012 elections came pretty close, suggesting that voters mostly tune out the bias and think for themselves. Also, there are many outlets that just present the facts (I think C-SPAN is one of them) and they aren't as popular as NBC, FOX, and CNN.

  • Freedom of press is like freedom of speech

    Bias and opinion are only human. New without bias or opinion is, without a doubt, very boring. In fact, bias contributes more to what freedom of speech and to what the circulation of ideas is about. In history, the best thing that happened to humanity was when the freedom of press was utilized, (first, really, by Martin Luther of the Protestant Reformation) as it sped up the whole of humanity from centuries of isolated battling civilizations to a couple of centuries of different eras. He was opinionated. And he taught the world how to use the press. People began to think and people began to be able to change the world according to their own wills.
    As more ideas come to the public, the more well-rounded humanity becomes in ideas.
    Corrupt media is idea. And there's no such thing as a false idea.
    Now, slander and libel are already restricted under law. Blatant lying and ad-hominem is of course prohibited. But it is not punishable for death, for if a paper decides to be so blatant in misinforming the public, does it not put its own credibility at risk?

  • I kind of see your point but you're missing a big point.

    Media isn't the problem, it is society that is the problem. "News" outlets need to attract advertisers for their survival. They each report views that are fit to their market. If all news was unbiased and objective there would be no need for competition. Also advertisers pay more the longer they can keep their audience captive so they sensationalize news. We have a fairly objective news outlet but it's funded by the government and when you have a bunch of scholars distributing objective news their will be a bunch of ignorant people with beliefs that aren't reaffirmed by that outlet. Can't win this one. If you can't read and make your mind up on your own you shouldn't be allowed to participate in society.

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