Trending news story: Is Garth Brooks coming out of retirement a good idea?

  • Yes, Brooks is an iconic country music artist.

    Garth Brooks is a high-status performer and artist within country music. He has many albums that went multi-platinum (over 1,000,000 sales) and six albums that went diamond (10,000,000 sales) as well as a multitude of awards. His return to country music will undoubtedly produce yet another high-selling album. It should also be noted that Brooks' return to the public eye may draw more attention to his philanthropic work.

  • Garth Brooks coming out of retirement is a good idea

    Garth Brooks coming out of retirement is a good idea because at age 52, he is still able to be active and perform as a music entertainer. In addition, he still has a large loyal fan base that is willing to pay for his new music and to pay for tickets to see his live shows.

  • Less than convinced

    Nobody can say that Garth Brooks isn't - or rather, wasn't - a great artist. He still has a massive fan base, as evidenced by how quickly his announced concerts in Dublin sold. But once the initial excitement fades, he may not be able to maintain a revived career. Worse, his approach to the concerns of Dublin's city council regarding the staging of the concerts suggests arrogance.

  • It's not a good idea for Garth Brooks to come out of retirement

    I mean, really, who even likes Garth Brooks anymore? Has he had a popular song in the last 10 years? It might be better if he just stayed out of the public eye and kept doing whatever he has been doing for all these years since he fell of the music scene.

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