• Best mix of story, music, anticipation and thrills

    Rides at Disney tend to feature either an intricate story and captivating dark room sets, or fast thrills, with a few exceptions (Dinosaur! Comes to mind). Splash mountain puts the two together: a relatively long dark ride component with a compelling plot line and memorable songs, and three killer drops. It's exceptional. Space mountain? Just a coaster in the dark. Tower of terror? Too short. Thunder Mountain? No story. Splash mountain has everything. Plus a ton of animatronics, many recycled from America sings

  • Yes, it's fantastic.

    Greatest ride in Walt Disney World. Relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. I try to go on this one at least twenty times per trip. The people who haven't been to Disney shouldn't even knock Splash before they've tried it. It's a thrill ride that'll simply take your breath away.

  • Yes it is the most outstanding ride on the planet!!!!

    It's so good!!
    It has excellent theming,music, and thrill.
    If you think it sucks you are completely wrong!!
    I know it gets you wet but because it gets hot!!!
    Every thing is great about it! Don't question it!!
    This ride should be known as the best water ride ever built!!!
    If you think it's bad don't say it's good!!!

  • Yes it is!

    Splash Mountain is the best ride at Disney. It is a classic and has been a stand out for many years. I think even though some of the new technology will come out and more and more ride, this ride screams Disney. I can remember watching tv shows for years and always showed it and especially teh song!

  • Space Mountain is better.

    Even though it is quick Space Mountain is the most exhilarating and best ride at Disney in my opinion. I have been to Space Mountain in both Cali and Hong Kong and it exists in two other parks including Tokyo proving its popularity. Even though Splash mountain still exists in three parks worldwide and is popular I think Space mountain is both more well-known and better however I guess it depends on the person and what they like.

  • I wouldn't know

    Sadly I have never been to Disney, so I can't actually say. If I ever get to go I will definitely make a note of which rides I liked the best and I will have to remember to try the ride Splash Mountain! Until then I guess I will have to be impartial.

  • Space Mountain is the best ride at Disneyland

    Disneyland is the most massive, elaborate theme park in the world. The best ride would have to be Space Mountain, one of the most iconic rides in the park. The atmosphere is amazing with the dark lighting and fast speeds. This is why so many people line up for hours for a 2 minute ride.

  • Best ride at Disney

    Splash mountain in not the best ride at Disney in any means. Everyone has their own opinion of which ride is the best at a specific theme park and it can very differently between ages and preferences. I have never been to Disney so I can not say which one that I do think is the best.

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