Tropical Storm Matthew nears hurricane strength in the Caribbean. Are you concerned it will hit the U.S.?

  • It's better to be concerned rather than unprepared.

    Whenever there is a hurricane in the Atlantic, I would rather be prepared for it to hit the US instead of scrambling for shelter when the water level rises. We can't predict how nature is going to act, nor can we afford to underestimate it's wrath. Everyone should have an emergency plan in place during hurricane season.

  • Yes, i`m afraid so.

    For now, ensemble forecast guidance is lessening the threat of a Gulf of Mexico track, but it is still too far out to rule out an East Coast threat later next week.
    There is also considerable uncertainty on how fast Matthew moves. Even if Matthew stays sufficiently off the East Coast, a threat of dangerous swells, coastal flooding, and beach erosion is likely to be in play along parts of the Eastern Seaboard.

  • Storm unlike to be a danger

    I feel that fears about tropical storm Matthew reaching hurricane levels of strength are probably exaggerated and I do not think that the tropical storm will pose a threat to the continental United States. Although cautions would be wise I do not believe that most people in the US have anything to fear.

  • Not concerned about the hurricane

    No, I am not concerned about Tropical Storm Matthew hitting the U.S. right now. At this point, there are many different forecasts about the path of this storm so it is really early to worry about it. Also, if the storm does hit the U.S., it won't be for days or even a week, so it seems like a wait and see situation at the moment.

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