Truck driver in crash awake 24 hours. Should controls be tightened to check truck driver logs?

  • There should be a required amount of sleep before operating any vehicle

    Driving without enough sleep is similar to driving while intoxicated. People need to get regular sleep for their own health as well as the well being of others. People do not perform well in any circumstances if they are tired. There should be a required amount of sleep before anyone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. Logs of sleep time as well as driving time should be a requirement for those who are professional drivers.

  • Yes, truck driver logs should be more closely checked and tightly controlled.

    Yes, truck driver's logs should be checked more closely and tighter controls should be implemented to make sure this happens. Trucks are dangerous weapons in the hands of over-tired drivers who have driven to the point of exhaustion. The tightening of controls can help to keep truck drivers alert and will save lives.

  • It's the Norm in Most of Europe

    While it is possible that anyone could fall asleep at the wheel and cause tragic damage under the right circumstances, vehicles such as trucks and large passenger vehicles leave room for a lot more people to be hurt with greater damage.

    In many places in Europe, heavy goods drivers are required by law to carry a Tachograph within their vehicle which is subject to random stop and checks. Those who do not comply with the limits are fine heavily and may be subject to prison depending on how much the meter is over. It cannot stop every accident, but provides a deterrent for any truck driver from driving beyond their hours, and would help prevent tragic accidents such as this.

  • Go Back To Trains

    The trucking industry is dangerous and corrupt. Cooked books are common and preferred. The roads won't be safe until we realize that we need to utilize our train systems more fully. Our roadways are destroyed by these large vehicles and they should be moved over to digital connected books that don't allow lying.

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