• A+ actor - check out many of his roles

    If you take the time to view several of his films you will see that although his roles don't have much range his acting range is immense. He just needs to be cast in more leading roles with more challenging material with a good director. He is a dedicated actor who will definitely rise to the challenge.

  • Passing Grade But Not An A.

    I can't say that I hate or dislike Ryan Kwanten as an actor but something about him keeps me from calling him a A list actor. Maybe he hasn't done anything that I was thrilled by or it just might be his face. For me, any actor need to have the talent and looks to be a A list actor.

  • No, Ryan Kwanten is not an A level actor.

    While it is true that Ryan Kwanten gets a lot of work, and is fairly recognizable due to his involvement in the True Blood series, he's not quite an A list actor. You would not expect to see him starring in a blockbuster hit. He's more suited for support roles in movies and TV. He could one day advance into some bigger roles, but more based on his popularity from True Blood than by talent alone.

  • Never heard of him.

    No, Ryan Kwanten is not an A level actor, because he is not well know. He is on True Blood, but that is a niche show on HBO that not followed by a lot of people. Kwanten is very good looking. I would say that he is more of a model than an actor.

  • Ryan Kwanten a very ordinary actor indeed

    None of the cast of True Blood are outstanding actors. Indeed the very nature of the series itself makes it difficult for any actor to excel or show their true potential but it is clear from his performance that his acting is nothing out of the ordinary and his portrayal of the character is quite one dimensional.

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