• Yes, people should be more selfless

    Some people aren't able to donate for different reasons (me being anemic), but other than that, you should think about others. If your friends of family members needed blood, you would someone to donate for them, right!! Just think about all the lives you're saving when you donate blood :)

  • Always in need

    People should donate more! Seeing as there is always a shortage (since donation is the only supply way for blood), it is a necessity not just in life saving surgeries but in preventive measures. And, there are different blood types, some of which are rarer and needed. Maybe I feel this way since I am O Negative (universal donor) and do donate. But, also people don't donate because they dont like needles. The way I see it, a few seconds of discomfort for me is nothing compared to helping someone out there whose life depends on donations.

  • Gay people need to become eligible

    I live in the UK and I'm gay. I have been in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years and we're both 20 years old. We have both tested negative for HIV however we are still banned from donating blood! It just doesn't make any sense to me! 2 monogamous individuals are banned from donating yet a single heterosexual man can sleep with hundreds of women and still be eligible. It makes my blood boil because I would really want to donate but I can't by law,

  • It wouldn't hurt!

    I would like to see more people donate blood on a regular basis. I, myself, have only done it twice but I have close family members who do it on a regular basis. It's for a very positive cause and will only benefit themselves and others in the long run.

  • It Could Save Many Lives

    Blood, especially rarer types, it's constantly in short supply. It's such a simple, yet essential part of many treatments, that could save lives. Everyone should give blood if they can, because they never know when they might need it themselves. If everyone who could, gave some every few months, there would be a lot less deaths occurring needlessly.

  • Blood Saves Lives

    We can survive after giving blood, those who need the blood however, cannot survive without it. For this reason, more people should bite the bullet (or needle) and give blood to help save a persons life. Providing there is no medical reason for a person not to give blood I think it should be mandatory - but I doubt this will happen! Perhaps more of an incentive scheme for people who donate would help to encourage it. Especially those with rare blood types.

  • More people should not Donate Blood

    More people do not need to be donating blood. The blood banking industry is already over saturated with blood donation. While donating blood is very important, and it is very much needed, we do not need more people donating blood than are already donating. Donating more blood than needed just means the blood will go to waste.

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