• Yeah he looks kinda gay

    His gaze just reeks of raw queer energy, With a thirst for dogs. This sick, Sick cat thinks cross breeding is a sport, And boy does he want to win. It honestly makes me mad how gay this cat is. Loki has been a naughty boy and he should be put down for his crimes against nature.

  • Yes he’s so gay!

    He’s got a gaybuttdisease and he’s such a big moron that’s why he and jamal the big black dog constantly f**k every night because jamal is a dog that likes to got touched by humans so weirdly and Loki is the person that is going to touch him, WHAT A DISGUSTING SICKO

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Shamayita says2021-01-18T03:45:48.157
Bruhhhhhh. Loki is a bi-sexual.

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