• Corona Virus Outbreak

    Open borders would be a terrible idea thanks to the Corona Virus (and future outbreaks like it). I don't want the borders to be closed because of hatred and racism, But seriously. . . F**k the corona virus; everyone on the left are indecisive on border issues.

    So nothing personal but trump gets my vote this time.

  • I think we need to re-elect Donald trump

    I think that we need to re-elect Trump not only because of his policies but to prevent communists like sanders from taking office. He has done more in his first term than Obama did in two. Trump has the best economy we have seen in 50 years, The lowest overall unemployment rate, The lowest Hispanic unemployment rate ever, And the lowest African American unemployment rate in the past 50 years. Never mind the fastly growing economy.

  • President Trump needs our help to continue working for us.

    He has so many tributes to the things he promised us in the election and he has done more than any other president in history. He also has fulfilled his promises by making changes to bills that they had before him. He has 297 bills signed in the first 20 months he has been President.

  • Trump he will be great

    People might say that he is bad but that is fake doos they just don't know what they are talking about he will help the people in poverty and keep the drug lords out. And who wants guns to be taken away that is why he is a vegan he wants animals to survive

  • We should re-elect Donald Trump in 2020 #Make America great again

    Yes I think that we should have to re-elect Donald Trump in 2020 because Donald trump made America great for the past years or so I would support trump in 2020 ok I vote for Donald trump trump in 2020 he will make America great again ok ok ok bye

  • Trump 2020 make America great re-elect Donald trump 2020

    I support trump this time ok trump has helped our economy and of course boosted it and of course the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans also the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate and of course also he loves animals ok ok so yeah we should have to re-elect Donald trump In 2020

  • Keep America Great!

    I believe that President Trump has made America great, And now we need to keep it great by making sure people like Biden never rule this country. If Biden wins, He will most likely deport all white people to Mars and give the land back to Indians. If I were an American, I would always vote Republicans.

  • No real alternative to Trump

    I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 (nor did I vote for Hillary). However, In 2020, He will almost certainly get my vote. Taxes didn't increase (although debt did which I don't like). He has slightly improved immigration overload which his Dem opponents would all allow to explode. He has reduced regulations allowing businesses to thrive which his Dem opponents would all almost certainly undo. He has picked good originalist judges to the courts. The economy is booming. Employment is at or near record highs. What would a Dem get us? I guess if you hate low unemployment, A robust economy, And despise the idea of a nation having borders, Then vote Dem. The idea someone would vote a Marxist to be U. S. President is insane. Good luck with that one.

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  • Stop being so weak minded

    Both China and the US had the coronavirus in labs for years. Look it up they both have records of it. I wonder if the present virus was tailored and I wonder which nation released it.
    "Open borders"
    You do realized that we let infected Americans back inside the US?
    And Why? So people will be scared and will want strong military intervention and less freedom, Maybe it was done to destabilize China and to create the desire for "strong" borders. The orange man has much to gain from this.

    Trump is a crook he hangs with crooks and people who are with him end up in jail.
    Why is Hillary and Bill not in Jail?
    That was something I wanted and never happened.
    The only thing he did was attend some anti abortion rallies and pass some small laws to appeal to the evangelicals.

    I see my town becoming more poorer and I believe the economy will crash.

    Stop being so dumb and believing in Trump like he is some savior. He is a con artist and he will ruin America.

  • Stop drinking the Kool-Aid

    Wake up. Trump is nothing but a snake oil salesman. He has no religion. He treats women like dogs. (His own wife won't sleep with him. ) He's a proven liar. A cheat. He will bankrupt you to benefit himself. He is racist.
    He laughs at his cult followers as Suckers! Stop praising Bone Spur coward as some savior working for you. He would gladly throw anyone of his supporters under the bus for his benefit. C'mon man.

  • Listen. Donald John Trump has done more bad than good in his entire life.

    How many times did he bail himself out of trouble with his ill-earned money? He was impeached for several reasons including ABUSE OF POWER and LYING. He is only the third president in almost two and a half centuries to be impeached. I don´t understand how weak-minded you would have to be to listen to anything he says after that. If any of you closed-minded conservatives listened to what any of the democrats say in the debates, Then you might understand how their policies would benefit the country.
    So you all are worried about coronavirus. Do you know what President Trump did two years ago? He fired the entire pandemic response chain. So guess what? We have no one to tell us whatever the f*** we need to do in response to coronavirus.

  • Trump is not looking at the actual problems.

    First of all, Climate change is a big problem for the world, And Trump doesn't believe all the "nonsense" about climate change. If we don't do something about it, There won't even be a world for us to live in. When he was giving his speech on May 2016, In North Dakota, He wanted American domination of global energy supplies. He wanted to end Obama's actions to help stop climate change. How is this going to help make the world better? Since America is one of the more powerful countries, It needs to start with US. Trump is technically making the problem even worse, With his expansion on fossil fuels. If this world is contaminated, There won't be a world for us to live on. No one's going to care about who's president or not anymore, Because our world WILL become a polluted mess if we don't DO SOMETHING. Other countries are already taking small steps to help, But Trump is only looking to become even more powerful. The impeachment trial was literally the most obvious result in the world. Obviously Trump would be let off, Since most of the Senate were Republicans. There are rumors that Trump doesn't even listen to the Cabinet, Which are supposed to advise him on important matters. Remember back in 2016, When his slogan was "Make America Great Again"? Well, It's not like America was bad before, So why change things? Everything he does is only to help himself.

  • Disabled Man Does Not Support Donald Trump

    I fact check everything. Donald Trump is willing to hold people like myself to higher scrutiny and is still involved in Texas Vs U. S. Donald Trump ridiculed a reporter with muscular dystrophy, I have tourette's. Last, He can find all the money he ever wants for a border wall, Military action, Expansion and restructuring the armed services, Space force, And even tax breaks for the wealthy. He brags about his "Great Economy" that's crashing, And stating the need to cut safety net programs for people such as myself because of economic hardships in America. I feel how much Donald Trump hates the disabled, And I can only pray that something happens where he loses every penny his family owns again, Spends the rest of his life in unbearable pain, And is denied help because of his own policies which make it harder for unfortunate Americans, Who don't have to fake bone spurs, To have a standard of living.

  • Let's summarize: NO

    First of all I'd like to point out that as of right now (March 11th, 2020 8:14pm) 5/10 of the yeses is some troll/spammer.

    Second of all even if Trump wasn't immoral or bad at politics he ignores and objects to the important things: He has gone on record to say that Climate Change is fake, That evolution isn't real, And that he would make the Corona virus go away by next year of April, Even though professionals said the virus won't be available for 2 years.

    Third of all he IS bad at politics.
    You wanna know how most immigrants get here? On a plane. You wanna know how most stay here? Visa's. You wanna know how much Trump has spent on the wall? No? Any guesses? 1. 3 BILLION as a DOWN PAYMENT. WHAT? ! ? ! How is this still a thing?

    Finally he abuses his power.
    He was LITERALLY IMPEACHED. On not one, But TWO indictments. That was for a reason people

  • NO NO no

    He acts like toddler throwing a hissy feet. He doesn't listen to doctors or other people who only cares for himself no no no. He speaks at a 2 nd grade or lower level which is an insult for 2nd graders. He insults our allies and has violated the constitution.

  • He’s is truly hated

    If the country falls into another depression (forget recession), R will blame D and D will blame R but soon, Everyone will hurt so much they won’t care. Trillions to try to save our economy. How much to save Europe? What about All the countries that are already teetering on recession? There is sure to be a war out of all this especially with the WH idiot calling it the “Chinese virus”. How many foreign health care workers will be willing to help us with this virus? A lot fewer than when our presidents name was Obama.

    This guy has the psychology of an unloved, Spoiled, Rich 3 yr old. He believes everything is about him; he is the center of his universe! He is a disgrace and embarrassment to every proud American who values truth. His supporters only care about their life and their bank accounts. Vote anyone but Trump.

  • He doesn't care about the Earth

    He's an idiot. He's corrupt. He doesn't care about the common folk. All of his supporters turn a blind eye to all the garbage he says and does. Four more years of him will be disastrous for the U. S. And the world, By way of climate change. The estimates made by scientists for the "turning point" that we can't come back from draws ever closer, And these years are the most important. If we waste them by having an oaf in the office then we are dooming our one planet for ourselves, And all future generations.

  • No we shouldn’t

    I think that we should not vote for trump because he is not listening to the world ok and and no I think that we should have trump get impeached for good because trump is a worst president ever ok so yeah we should have trump get impeached forever ok

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