Trump abruptly cancels — and then, again, agrees to attend — scheduled sit-down with New York Times: Is he unrealistic?

  • Yes, i agree.

    This is very unrealistic. As a president, of a big nation like the United States, we strongly believe that he should be able to make decisions thoughtfully. He should have one stand to show the citizens that he is a leader. A leader has to think critically about something before he has a final stand.

  • Yes, Trump is unrealistic

    Yes, Trump is unrealistic in every aspect of this campaign and now leadership role. Trump seems to believe he can do whatever he wants and everyone should follow him and meet his every need and desire. No one should question him. No one should present a significant problem. No one should ask more of him than he deems worthy. Completely unrealistic.

  • Trump is clueless

    Trump has no idea how reality truly works. He is the type of man that thinks that he can demand for everything to go exactly as he wishes. If someone defies him, he whines and pouts, thinking that he has deserved better. This shows a very unrealistic view of how the world works.

  • He doesn't need the media.

    If Trump proved one thing during the election, it's that he doesn't need the media to win. Trump proved that he can get his message to the people without getting the media on his side. The media is never going to like him. He is best off taking his message directly to the people.

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