• What is wrong with us? Draw a line people!

    MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. My goodness, what does this have to do with the presidential election? These people have lives, and beyond their job performance we should be decent enough to stay out of them. I'm a pretty normal guy, but I'm sure that some aspects of my personality are unacceptable in someone else's lifestyle. That doesn't mean the manager has a right to know at the job interview.

  • They all do it.

    Hillary Clinton didn't have anything to say about the email scandal either. All of her aides pleaded the 5th, even the person who designed her email servers. It is inconsequential that Trump is a cheater. Clinton was a cheater too, even a sex predator. That is known information, and people can vote based on the qualifications that matter to them.

  • No, pleading the fifth amendment 97 times is not acceptable

    The topic of adultery for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is a personal and private family issue. There are so many other political issues that need to be discussed and are not crucial for voters to consider. Pleading the 5th amendment is just evasive and just protects the guilty from damaging themselves.

  • Pleading the fifth is a flimsy defense for Trump

    Donald Trump has pleaded the fifth a record ninety-seven times. This was during the summer of 1990, when he was having an affair with beauty queen Marla Maples - at the same time he was trying to divorce his first wife! At some point you have to realize that he's trying to hide something...which pleading the fifth can't hide.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    And he is lecturing Bill on infidelity? I'm not saying what Bill did was right, but you're in absolutely no position to be criticizing him when you've done basically everything he did. Can we just remember that Bill at least worked through his problems and is still on marriage number one while Trump cheated on his first two wives with each subsequent wife and has been married three times?

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