• Yes, He is a victim of fake news but he's playing

    I have mixed feelings about this questions because he is sometimes victim of fake news like when he's on a magazine cover and we see him with a little girl who's been separated from his mother when it's wrong. But he takes advantage of these accusations to create and make the buzz, For example, When he said there was chaos at the White House.

  • I’m not a Trump supporter, But I think that media exaggerate what Trump says.

    For example, In December 2015, When he began his presidential campaign, He said in a meeting that he wanted to close the USA to illegal Mexican immigrants, And to close the country to Muslim terrorists. But, In the media, They said that he wanted close USA to all Muslims. But I also think that, Sometimes, Trump uses the excuse of Fake News to explain everything, Like when his daughter uses his personal email address to send classified document.

  • The no side is aware of the news right now correct?

    I honestly hated the whole "fake news" spiel the leftists tried to spin after Hillary only appealed to big cities and failed as a result. But the right wing media took an opportunity to point out the obvious, the real fake news was the mainstream media. Don't get me wrong, I have seen plenty of right wing propaganda and false stories from Reagan saying Trump was going to be a president one day to completely ruining Ted Cruz's career by turning him into an internet meme and mocking his children. However, most right wing "fake news" remains in the bowels of social media, never to be widely accepted by the general public and definitely never prominent enough to sway the voting population.
    Left wing fake news on the other hand, just made INTERNATIONAL FUCKING NEWS. Instead of getting a complete press conference with Donald Trump where we could hear his policies and goals for his first term as president, we had to hear him defend himself from- let's be honest here- political 4chan fan-fiction. I commend Donald Trump from blasting CNN and Buzzfeed (the only two "media" organizations to actually treat that stuff like real news). But this isn't the first we've heard of fake news attacking Donald Trump. From claiming he raped women, to just flat out calling him a racist for not being a fan of illegals and illegal rapists, to pretty much every other word a typical SJW would tell you if you got in a conversation with them. Look, in no way do I want media black-out, but if the liberal media can't start acting like an actual news station and report the facts instead of fake news about hate crimes and "golden showers", people are going to lose all faith in them.
    Donald Trump is the victim of fake news, he did not win because of it, he was declared a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, pervert by it.

  • Yes but he needs to look in the mirror.

    Yes trump is a victim of fake news in this case. This is not saying that all the allegations against him are necessarily false (though some or even all parts may indeed be), however this was not given enough verification before publication of the dossier.

    However Trump has himself used and promoted fake news against his political opponents. As such while I disapprove of the action and intent behind spreading fake news (from, for, or against anyone), Trump does not deserve any personal sympathy.

  • This didn't happen.

    The accusations against Trump are very out there. There are already people coming forward willing to say that they made the entire thing up. This is a great example that fake news can work against anyone, not just democrats. Trump was never in Prague so he couldn't have done the things he was accused of.

  • Trump found every time an opportunity to accuse media (in particular "The New York Times").

    He accuses them of reporting bad information against him. But, In my opinion, This "bad information" is first of all good and real information.
    It is real information which are related in large numbers and which comes to the eyes and ears of the American Government and therefore Donald Trump. And It depleases them, Because these informations are bad for the Government.
    But that aggravates his case and reinforces my opinion it's that Trump wants to justify himself in this informations which are, According to him, Fake news.
    But, For him, Anything that hurts his Government, Is fake news. But in states, There are good and bad informations, And and it's up to the president to manage this because it's his reponsability.
    Otherwise, Media have existed for a long time, To inform the population. They have evolved through technology and so mentalities have, In addition, Evolved with. But there is still a media against the government in place, But people know how to tell the difference between the true and the false.

  • Since his election Mr Trump is the center of the media.

    With his attitude Mr Trump is a constant source of inspiration for the fake news. But since his election, He has accumulated mistakes in his tweets and his speeches. He offends people in his declarations but doesn't accept any criticisms about his political line. Moreover his relation with media is toxic, He multiplies fake news in his own tweets but cries fake news for all criticisms against him. So in my opinion he is just a victim of his politics.

  • Trump isn't the victim of the fake news

    Because what he calls "fake news" was reported by many media; the media are not always objective but if they all gave fake news they would be discredited towards Americans. Furthermore, Laura Bush says that Donald Trump is a criminal and what he does it's immoral because he separate family, He says that America will not be immigrants camp and saying that he want a Mexico borders, We can take him for a racist. Donald Trump says that the media use fake news for avoid anger of Americans

  • To me, Donald Trump isn't a victim of fake news.

    The media's duty is to report the truth to inform clearly all the population without fake news. It would be a shame and professional fault if media disclosed fake news about the President. Moreover, The president likes "playing"with media and overestimate what they really say because he feels maybe offended. Equally, Media often speak about President Trump because he very often tweets about what he thinks. They have to report the news and the older news. Unfortunately, President trump has a past as person controversial and he does not meet with unanimity among American people. That's why media have to be objective and report the bad and good informations about him. Consequently, He has to keep a close eye on his remarks.

  • I think Donald trump is not a victim of fake news.

    Indeed, In his speeches or his tweets Donald Trump uses a lot of words which might suggest he is a victim of fake news but to me he just does not have the same vision as most Americans. Which explains all the articles and criticisms of him. I think Donald Trump always exaggerates the situation and he wants people to talk about him.

  • Trump a victim of fake news? Well. . . No

    Donald Trump accuses the journalists of publishing " fake news " while he used them to win his campaign, And he still does. Indeed, He still lies to keep his supporters. Journalists just denounce his actions, And true facts which incriminate him. He only tries to defend himself saying that it's fake news but he knows that it's not. The media are here to tell the truth, Not to give Americans a bad opinion about him. Well, It's true that some magazines are publishing fake news to sell more but in fact they're a minority compared to all the medias who tell the truth. Furthermore, There are rumors about all the personalities but it's not a reason for Donald Trump to say that he is a victim of fake news. In fact, He is just scared of the opinion of Americans and wants to secure himself saying that the medias are against him publishing fake news.

  • No, Trump is not a victim of fake news : he is the one who spreads fake news everywhere that is to say on twitter.

    No, Trump is not a victim of fake news in fact he is the one who spreads fake news everywhere that is to say on twitter. He hides behind social media where he publishes false information. He is dishonest and he allows himself to criticize newspapers and says that they can’t be trusted because they are part of the elite. He compared himself with the former presidents who fought with the media and so it is not surprising that he appears like as a victim. He is looking for a way to keep his voters so he continues to proclaim he is a victim. He makes up fake news without any grounds for example when he said that Mexican immigrants were thieves, Murderers, Rapist and drug-dealers hence the need to build a wall along the border.

  • In my opinion, Trumps in not a victim of fake news

    No, I think that Donald Trump is not a victim of fake news. Indeed, The majority of news that is online, Comes from Donald Trump and not from the media…The media takes just news and uses them against him and many people believe that he is a victim while, In fact, It’s not true. The media exaggerates the news, Which comes from Donald Trump. A piece of news can become the news of the day/ month. . . That’s why we shouldn’t trust the media completely and have looking back and compare with others websites.

  • 👉🏽This is a good question 👈🏽

    On the hand, We might think that Donald Trump is a real victim of fake news because they are certainly people in the media that don't like what he is doing and so decide to relay the information being subjective and that can change the truth sometimes. Trump is seen as a Populist and so like other populists he fights against the elite who are media, And politicians (democrats).

    But on the other, We must admit that he is particularly a strange president, He is famous because of his daily tweets on sentient subjects and his straight talk. People think that he is too tough with his laws on immigration and the Paris agreement.

    Thanks for listening

  • 649 days in the White House => 6 420 false or misleading claims

    Donald J. Trump was elected in November 2016 after a populism campaign during which he accuses the medias to use fake news against him. In my opinion Donald Trump is not the victim of fake news but it is one of the most slanderer of the United States of America. The Washington Post after his election create a fact-checking which counts all the false or misleading claims.

    Now we can question if Donald Trump is the victim of fake news or her first beneficiary?

    But I love you Doni😘

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