• Yes, but not the kind people are looking for

    I definitely think that things will change for the United State as a result of Trump taking office. I don't think it will be positive change though. I think we can see more favor for big business and little in the way of change that actually impacts the population. The 1% will become even less than that and poverty and unemployment will still continue. Trump will not change the system that made him. I also think the threat of international conflict will also increase due to his radical ideas about people of color.

  • In a bad way

    Donald Trump has already shown that he is going to change Washington. He is going to bring in some of the worst people to head some of the most important departments, and is sure to make a big mess of things. He either has no clue what he is doing, or he is trying really hard to ruin this country.

  • Trump will bring change to Washington D.C.

    Trump will bring change to Washington D.C. He has already brought many outsiders to the beltway as his advisors and cabinet members. This will play out for better or for worse as his administration begins. Unfortunately, his campaign had already brought change in terms of bringing out bigotry and divisive language unlike any campaign before. Hopefully this change will not come along with him as well.

  • He's going to make Washington worse.

    Throughout the election I thought Trump was self-financed because that's what the search results told me. That was a lie! Trump is giving cabinet positions and other posts to his donors. How was he able to lie through his teeth and say he was going to clean the swamp? He's just poured a trillion gallons of muck into Washington. It's going to get worse folks, much worse.

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