Trump and Washington: Will Mr. Trump stick to his pledge to 'drain the swamp'?

  • He has made good choice.

    Immediately after Trump's election, Chris Christie tried to appoint a bunch of old-school, George W. Bush Republicans to the Trump administration. Instead, Trump got rid of Mr. Christie. Trump has made some surprising and very conservative choices. This is a good sign for what he will do as president, and he will likely drain the swamp, as he called it.

  • Trump will not stick to his pledge to "drain the swamp".

    Trump will not stick to his pledge to "drain the swamp". First of all he has already blatantly backed down from this when asked after the election. Mr. Trump is choosing outsiders to fill select positions, but he alone can not replace the vast majority of politicians, as they are elected officials put into office by their constituents.

  • It doesn't seem viable.

    If individuals selected for his transition team made it clear that they were strongly against the move then it would seem unlikely that Trump would push forward with the measure. It has already been made clear in Trump's early days as the president-elect that he is interested in enriching himself through the position so it doesn't seem likely that he would enforce measures to prevent his allies from doing the same.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Well, that's Trump. Say whatever is expedient to get what you want. All that he's done so far is to put new alligators into the swamp. He never intended to drain it. Funny how changes that help the rich and powerful are on firm footing, while those that benefit the little guy are being disowned.

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