Trump approval rating hits new low hours before inauguration. Will Trump be able to improve his approval rating?

  • Yes, he wil improve his approval ratings.

    President Trump has made it his life's work to prove people wrong. President Trump will probably be successful at raising his approval ratings. Trump is always very confident when he speaks--the American people admire confident leaders. Also, many pundits have set the bar low for Trump. If he sees some modest success, his numbers will rise.

  • The economy is good.

    Trump will be able to improve his approval rating because he will get into office and show what he can do. People will watch as Trump stands up to Putin and other people around the world. He will be tough on terrorism and he will get rid of regulations that make it hard to do business.

  • Yes, he will be able to improve the ratings.

    This might just be another gimmick played by media to discredit Donald Trump, but even so, they in for a surprise as Trump is going to prove all his credit wrong by transforming America and making it great again. His ratings will go up and they will have nothing wrong to say about him.

  • Yes, I think once he is in office, he will be forced to be more careful.

    Trump still hasn't learned the fine art of shutting up and wielding influence in positive ways. I think if his advisors pry his fingers away from the Twitter icon, he will be well on his way to becoming a credible leader for the U.S. and the remnants of the free world.

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