Trump as 'Between Two Ferns' guest: Could Donald Trump withstand the sarcasm and humor as guest on the comedy show?

  • Yes, i think so.

    The irony is that the media and press -- including comedy interviews like this one -- using images and footage of Hillary looking her "best." It won't be long before Hillary begins demanding "fuzzy filters" (ala Oprah, Dr. Phil, Harpo Productions) if someone wants to see Hillary on camera in the attempt to knock off 20 years of wrinkles and the obvious two pounds of makeup from Hillary's face.

  • Yes, Trump could handle the show.

    Donald Trump could handle the sarcasm and humor of the show, Between Two Ferns. Yes, Trump can be thin-skinned when criticized; however, he can also be very funny and charming too. Trump is a master of the television; few could have had a hit show like the Apprentice. Therefore, he would likely do well on this show.

  • No, I think Trump is not able to withstand sarcasm

    No, It is my personal opinion that Trump is not a person who understands and uses sarcasm, but it will be interesting to see how he would behave and I can hardly wait to see the show. I haven't seen Trump on the TV, but concluding from his newspaper interviews he will be perplexed. We will see...

  • No, of course not.

    Trump would be a train wreck on that show. He would not go along with any of the questions and he would probably pitch a fit. It seems like it would be fun to watch him on that show, but it would probably be just as bad, if not worse than Ann Coulter on Rob Lowe's roast.

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