Trump blames Delta Airlines for chaos at airports this weekend: Will Trump continue to blame others for all of his actions?

  • Yes i think so

    I strongly support this statement. Donald Trump seems to continue blaming others for his own actions. He is such a coward and cannot face his mistakes. Therefore, he bases this on blame game. This is actually his character and i believe he is not going to stop it any soon.

  • Yes, it seems Trump will continue to blame others for all of his actions

    Yes, it seems Trump will continue to blame others for all of his actions. He has done it repeatedly. Every time he blames someone it seems like it can't possibly get any worse, but really, to blame Delta Airlines for the confusion caused by his travel ban is really low. If he wants to prove how big and powerful he is on one hand by issuing such an executive order, then he needs to be big and accept responsibility for the outcome.

  • Yes, he will, as always.

    It’s not a surprise! He’s been saying it for 2 weeks. Trump's explanation is nonsense. The only bad that could rush in were those already issued visas and were already permanent residents. It was rushed, and he does not have the ability to accept the criticism. The administration is trying to hide behind the Obama administration, but what they fail to realize is that the more you use an emergency measure, the more you have to have a reason for it. Obama slowed numbers and increased vetting. Trump banned them including people who were already accepted by other administrations

  • Trump will blame others for his actions.

    Trumps ban on refugees and green card holders from several countries caused the chaos at the airports. He is solely responsible for it. Trump is not known for his humility. He will continue to blame others for problems he caused. This issue with the chaos at the airports is a perfect example.

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