Trump blasts intelligence community in tweet: Is Trump making us less safe?

  • Yes, he is.

    Yes, with everything he says or does, and especially with every Tweet, Trump is making enemies for the United States. He is angering entities all over the world. In order to be safe, a nation needs friends. It needs allies. If Trump keeps making enemies all over the world, the U.S. won't be as safe as it's been.

  • His mouth is dengerous

    Trump running his mouth, or thumbs, about anything and everything that upsets him is going to get us into some serious trouble if he isn't careful. He has no concern for who he may be offending when he spouts off and goes on his Twitter rants. He doesn't stop and think things through before saying them. Criticising our intelligence community not only makes us look bad, but makes us vulnerable to foreign hostilities.

  • Why is he against the people serving our country?

    The intelligence community works tirelessly to keep us safe. I can't believe our incoming Commander in Chief is berating them on a public platform. Trump is a disgrace to the men and women who valiantly work to protect our country without a thought for their own safety or recognition. This is what happens when a person who has never worked at a job a day in his life becomes the President.

  • Tweets are for the Birds

    Trumps "tweets" have so far been aimed at fellow Americans, and the ones we hear most about are the ones he criticizes. We all know this, and we ourselves criticize others as well. However, the leftist media tries to crack these instances up to be more than they actually were, and claim they might be "detrimental to national security". Seriously people? You lost the election. Get over it.

    Trumps tweets affect national security about as much as a mime would make in a yelling contest. They won't. At all. Last time I checked, Trump said NOTHING that would in the slightest be able to compromise security, much less cost us foreign alliances. No foreign leader is going to care about what Trump said about his new Intelligence community, they are going to care more about what they are having for breakfast.

    And honestly, Trump is going to make America MORE safe by allowing responsible citizens to own and carry the guns this country was built on. I'd rather have a gun in my hands than a cop on the phone.

    To all you people out there looking to bash Trump for some stuff he said on Twitter-

    GROW UP.

  • No, he is not making us less safe.

    President-elect Donald Trump should probably spend less time on Twitter, because some of his tweets make him look foolish. However, Trump's tweets are not making us less safe. Trump's twitter account has nothing to do with United States national security. Trump should probably spend more time working with national security advisors and less time tweeting insults to opponents though.

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