Trump boasts about sexual assaults: Should these comments have prevented him from becoming president?

  • Yes, in a moral/ethical sense.

    Any individual who boasts about sexual assaults should be prevented from doing anything besides sitting in a prison cell. The problem here is, that words and works of President Trump are often sensationalized and twisted into something else entirely. Granted, we all heard the (one and only) time in which it was proven that he made such remarks. But it came from a private conversation that was recorded over a decade ago - an instance for which he clearly apologized for despite the media's insistence on propelling the idea that he did not, simply because he wasn't groveling at the feet of the public and politicians. This was another example of how the truth/facts are only relevant to the public/media when it's convenient for them.

  • Yes Trump's sexual assault boasting should have prevented his becoming President

    The fact that the Republican part and millions of Trump supporters still allowed him to continue running for President shows that these people have no morals and don't care about the person they put in office, just that the person belongs to the same party as they do. Complete hypocrisy.

  • Donald Trump did not boast about sexual assaults

    Donald Trump did not, and never has, boasted about sexual assaults. He may have boasted about sexual conquests, but that is a far different thing then an assault, which is a crime. To label what he did as an assault without evidence is very wrong and has no place in our society.

  • It's guy talk.

    Every single man on the planet has bragged about his sexual conquests. Many women do the same thing. This is just men being men. All of the men who seek political office are jerks who have no problem speaking this way. He can still be a good leader despite this unfortunate comment.

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