• Trump clearly disdains women.

    The leaked video of Trump bragging about sexual assaulting women confirmed for most people that Trump has backwards and hateful ideas about women. His conduct over the next few days confirmed this view as he repeatedly called his accusers ugly. His dismissive and patronising attitude towards Clinton is the least of his misogynistic behaviour.

  • Yes, he is.

    Trump is certianly a misogynist, but this is only one small part of how. Calling someone a nasty woman in and of itself is not misogynistic, but he has a history and habit of attacking and belittling females for little to no reason. His comments about the appearance of woman is a much bigger example.

  • Yes, he is a misogynist.

    Yes, he is a misogynist because of all of the horrible things he has said about women over the years. There are so many women accusing Trump of sexual assault and we should believe them because of what he has said. He does not treat any of them with respect.

  • Yes, Trump is a misogynist.

    Calling Clinton a "nasty woman" is not misogynistic. If Clinton was a man, Trump still would have used negative adjectives to describe his opponent simply because he is trying to gain a lead. However, Trump's claims about women, including his idea that pregnancy is "bad for business" and his objectifying language about people such as Rosie O'Donnell prove that Trump is a misogynist. He does not view men and women equally, and his claims suggest a prejudice against women's intelligence.

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