Trump calls Hillary Clinton a 'world-class liar": Does Clinton have a problem with the truth?

  • Yes, Clinton has issues with the truth

    I believe Clinton, as with most politicians, tell the truth as they see it, which may or may not always be the entire truth. Most times, politicians pander to their audiences, and I think this is the norm, and almost what's expected these days. I don't think there is often malicious intent; however.

  • Yes, Clinton has a problem with the truth.

    Hillary Clinton is viewed by many as a liar. Clinton has long had a history of having difficulty with telling the truth over the past several years. Therefore, Clinton does seem to have a problem with the truth. This will make it challenging for her to turn her poll numbers around when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness.

  • She is a politician

    It's funny to me that the people who are complaining about her veracity are following a man who was says one thing and changed it by the same afternoon. Donald Trump is the biggest liar of all and has the nerve to call Hillary out of her name, while at the same time throwing anything at her hoping something will stick. It really is shameful.

  • No, I do not think Hillary Clinton has a problem with the truth.

    No, I do not think Hillary Clinton has a problem with the truth because Clinton is a very transparent and open candidate. Although there have been many situations were people think Hillary Clinton lied, I think that her enemies blow up the situation in order to taint her name and paint her as a dishonest person.

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