• It will be close.

    I don't think that the media is accurate about their portrayal of the election. Trump has so many more Facebook fans online, and his rallies also attract double the people that Hillary's do. There is no way that he is so behind in the polls that he doesn't even have a chance to win.

  • Yes, to some degree.

    Scienitifically conducted polls are accurate, but they certianly have a margin of error built in. There is certainly a chance that Trump can still win and the polls are correct. We will not know for sure until after the election, but the polls are a good way of predicting what might happen.

  • Poll should not be rellied on as much as they are.

    No, voting polls are not completely accurate. They all come out with different results, which should be the first indicator. Then there are factors such as who is being polled? Can one ever be sure that the sampling represents the general population? Are the questions being asked in a way that those being polled can understand? Are questions being answered honestly?

  • It is possible as the polls are unreliable.

    As the polls are only a small sample of the overall electorate, it would not be wise to consider them to be an accurate prediction on what will happen in the election. Therefore, the result is not a foregone conclusion and it is still possible that Donald Trump could win the election.

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